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What’s the deal with Braylon Edwards and the Cleveland Browns?

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Just two years ago Braylon Edwards was the can do no wrong kid in Cleveland and for fantasy football owners around the world that drafted him. Catching 80 balls for a team record 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns on his way to his first Pro Bowl. More importantly, he lit up the highlight reels with spectacular catches thrown to him by Derek Anderson. Yes the sky was blue and all was right in Brownie land.

Then came the 2008 season and all it’s high expectations. Yes many fantasy football owners were seduced into drafting now “sexy” Browns players high on their draft boards in hopes of championship dreams. But then reality stepped in to crush not only their hopes but the hopes of Browns fans and ownership for a playoff run.Purchase Your Browns Leather Jacket Today!

Once the season ended the Browns fired Romeo Crennel and in came Eric Mangini. One of the knocks against the Browns was that they had to many malcontents and Mangini so far has showed he wants nothing to do with this culture in his club house. The dealing away of Kellen Winslow to the Buccaneers made that point very clear. While I give credit to Mangini for having the guts to get ride of that spoild brat that is Kellen Winslow; the latest trade rumors with Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn have me a little troubled.

From a team prospective alone I can’t see how not just trading your star power but your future is going to get you farther then were you are right now. That goes for the short term as well as the long term in an organization.

From a fantasy football perspective
If in fact they don’t trade him I say draft with caution at this point. If the Browns do in fact trade Edwards I would say back off the Browns players big time, only draft them if you have no problem cutting them early in season.

As far as Braylon Edwards fantasy value after being traded it will probably be higher than if he stays in Cleveland. Assuming he goes to a winning team (hello Giants) and not another loser like the Raiders.

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