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Fantasy Football Info: T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the Seattle Seahawks Offense

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2008 was the final season for TJ Houshmandzadeh with the Cincinatti Bengals organization. One can’t help but feel said for TJ to end his great run with quarterback Carson Palmer and Oregon State College teammate wide receiver Chad Ochocinco that way. True the Bengals only made the playoffs one time with those three players but man did they have a lot of success together. Come to think of it the fact that they were able to win a division title for the Bengals is miraculous in and of it’s self. Yes if these three men were with first class ownership like the Indianapolis Colts they would of had a lot more success and TJ would still be on the team. Never the less he is gone and with a more stable franchise in the Seattle Seahawks.

TJ Houshmandzadeh’s poor fantasy campaign in 2008
Carson Palmer came down with a arm injury week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens. While Palmer tried to play through the injury, he just couldn’t throw more than a games worth of passes until the arm was hurting bad again. Because of this Housh had to catch football’s from Ryan Fitzpatrick….enough said. It was almost amazing that TJ amassed 92 receptions last year with all the problems the Bengals went through last season.

Bengals Franchise Kicker Shane Graham over TJ Houshmandzadeh:

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Sometimes a franchise should lose it’s right to survive. And with the decision to Bengals use their franchise tag on kicker Shane Graham over TJ Houshmandzadeh, it’s moves like this that make the Bengals qualify. No disrespect to his Friends Carson and Chad but, why in the world would TJ have ever stayed with that organization if he wasn’t under contract. In free agency the Minnesota Vikings campaigned hard to get Housh to come to their team. But in the end the Seattle Seahawks was the final decision TJ made.

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TJ will have success for your fantasy team in 2009

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Matt Hasselbeck dealt with injuries last season in his own right, but now is healthy and back in spring training. Matt is a pro-bowl quarterback that is very good at finding his #1 receiver. He’s going to love this year #1 as TJ is probably the best wide out Hasselbeck’s ever had. This season look for Housh’s name to pass by the game tracker on your tv with 8 receptions, 110 yards and a touchdown often this year. True the Seahawks had a down year last season but I look for them to give the Cardinals a run for their money this year for the Western Division Title. The Cardinals did have a great playoff run but remember they only had a 9-7 record in the regular season. With Kurt Warner having off-season hip surgery and Anquan Bolden in heavy contract disputes the Cardinals have challenges to overcome. Not to also add they lost both offensive and defensive coordinators in the off-season as well.

Wear to Select TJ Houshmandzadeh at You Fantasy Football Draft
Look for TJ as a top end #2 wide receiver for your fantasy football team. This is the type of player you will want in probably the 3rd or 4th round in standard fantasy formats. In auction leagues TJ is probably worth 12 to 13 dollars at this point in time. In the end Housh is set up for success in a very vanilla division (something you couldn’t say about the AFC Central) so select TJ and enjoy. Oh and by the way his name is TJ HOUSH-MAN-ZADA please pronounce his name correctly at the draft!

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