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LeSean McCoy’s Fantasy Football Ranking on the Philadelphia Eagles Offense

Philadelphia Eagles - Friday Mini-Camp

After losing long time veteran Correll Buckhalter to free agency this off-season. The Eagles were in search of a solid backup for running back Brian Westbrook. Until the second round of this years draft the Eagles brought in no significant names to their team. Up until that point they focused a main amount of their attention on revamping the offensive line. With signings like Right Tackle Stacey Andrews from the Bengals and Left Tackle Peter Jennings from the Bills. Upon selecting their second pick running back LeSean McCoy from the Pittsburgh Panthers they sealed a selection for the future.

McCoy will be Westbrooks back up this year and probably next year as well but he has the skill set to be a feature back at some point in his career. One area the Eagles have talked about upgrading is to add a runner that can have success at the goal line,also third down and one yard to go situations.Purchase Your Eagles Brian Westbrook Jersey Today! While the jury is still out if LeSean is going to fill that role, one can’t help but believe that Philadelphia will give him every opportunity to have success in that niche. I believe he could also be an asset to them in third and long for blocking or catching the ball out of the back field. Also wouldn’t surprise me to see him work in the offense for series each half per game to give Westbrook a breather.

Westbrook needs to stay fresh
Last season it was very easy to see that Brian Westbrook was wearing down at the end. Other than a magnificent touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the playoffs, Brian was a shell of his former self. True the offensive line was getting older and the Eagles were wise to make a change at the Tackle spots letting Left Tackle Tre Thomas and Right Tackle John Runyan go to free agency. Buckhaulter did about what he could do for them at this point in his career but that really isn’ t enough for them going forward. No Philadelphia needed someone that brought “fresh energy” to the offense. A new game breaking talent that gets the crowd going with an occasional big play in the game. LeSean McCoy is just the man for that at this point in time. But most importantly he will be able to shoulder as much of the load as Westbrook needs him to so that Brian will stay Sharpe and fresh the entire season. Hopefully Westbrook understands this and doesn’t get his ego bent out of shape when the kid starts making plays as the season goes on. Star players some times tend to press a bite to much when they feel the pressure of another player maybe taking their job over.

LeSean McCoy’s Fantasy Football Ranking in the Eagles Offense
As fantasy drafts being look at McCoy as a terrific hand cuff runner for Brian Westbrook. If you belong in keeper leagues again I really only recommend you select McCoy at this time for a hand cuff to the Eagles star. Main reason is that while Westbrook may be 30 years old he still has juice in the tank. In my mind I see no reason Brian can’t go for 12 touchdowns and 1200 yards rushing with his revamped offensive line. But if he should how ever get injured as he is known for McCoy would become an immediate starting fantasy tailback for your team ( good one too). But as it stands for now, LeSean’s role will probably be to give Brian a breather and maybe even get some goal line work. McCoy will be a good feature runner in the national football league, I just don’t see it happening the next couple of years.

Philadelphia Eagles - Friday Mini-Camp

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