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Ryan Grants Fantasy Football Ranking Hurt By Green Bay Packers Management

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During last year I noticed Ryan Grant wasn’t exactly the same explosive runner he was in 2007 for the Green Bay Packers. Yet that shouldn’t have really surprised me seeing that the Pack didn’t have Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre under center anymore. And with an unproven quarterback no doubt Grant would face more attention form opposing defenses come Sunday in 2008. That trend wouldn’t stop until first year starting QB Aaron Rogers had at least one proven season managing the offense.

The Only Thing Stopping Ryan Grant is….. Management?
Now that the 2008 season is over it is clear Aaron RogersPurchase Your Packers Aaron Rodgers Jersey Today! is a very solid quarterback. Thus defense in the NFL will make adjustments to stop the explosive tandem of Rodgers, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Again this is key for Grant as now he will see less 8 man fronts and should start to look more like he did in 2007. My only concern is the “rumors” that seemed to be leaking out over management not being happy with Ryan Grant. Seemed that they questioned his toughness to fight at times. I do know that Grant’s agent and the team did have a long contract negotiations last summer. Maybe some feelings got hurt or something (think Brett Favre) and management did not like Grant. They just signed him because at that point in time they needed someone proven to help Aaron Rodgers.

My opinion of the whole thing is this, if Grant gets off to a hot start he should be a rock solid runner for you fantasy football squad all year. But if he should struggle like he did early last year some of these “doubts” will rise up again inside the organization. If Grant should lose trust from coaches and management, 2007 2nd round pick Brandon Jackson will see more playing time. If Jackson becomes effective I don’t believe Ryan will recover the rest of his career with the Pack. Thus killing your second round selection of Grant for your team.

Ryan Grant’s Fantasy Football Ranking for 2009
Grant is a number 2 runner for your team. I believe Grant will put up around 1300 yards and 8 TD’s. But if Grant should stumble out of the gates and management has had enough of him Brandon Jackson would rep the benefits. It goes without saying that if you take Grant you may want to stash Jackson as a cheep, cheep draft pick

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