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Torry Holt will help the Jacksonville Jaguars Offense This Season

St. Louis Rams Training Camp

2008 marked the worst statistical year in Torry Holt’s career since his rookie campaign. Totaling a mire 64 catches for 788 yards and a measly 3 touchdowns. These numbers were not up to Holt’s standards in his years with the St. Louis Rams. This sad production was the final chapter (and the last piece) of the, “Greatest show on turf.” The show that captivated football fans with their high powered aggressive offensive style. With Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt who could blame old Mike Martz for running up the score.

The Rams will now lean on two second year pro wide receivers in Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton. To say the Rams passing game is in a rebuilding process is a major understatement.Honestly I don’t agree with the release of Torry. To see Holt leave the way he has and to see the Rams utilize him so poorly in his last year was a sad site. As far as Holt’s future after being released from the Rams (after they couldn’t trade him). The Titans and Bears were both put out there as options but in the end the Holt settled on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Truth be told I truly to believe this was a perfect fit for both Torry and the Jaguars.

Lets look at the problems that in this writers opinion held Torry back from being productive in St. Louis. Then in contrast what the Jaguars will proved to counter those issues.Purchase Your Jacksonville Jaguars Torry Holt Jersey Today!

1. Offensive Line-

Rams – Have had a horrible offensive line for the past 3 to 4 years. Maybe the worst in football. But to their credit (or bone headed ness) made no attempt to sign a big name nor draft a top end offensive lineman until this off-season. Way to go new head coach Steve Spagnuolo you have all ready accomplished more than your predecessor. Although it wouldn’t of hurt you to find a way to keep Lt Orlando Pace.

Jaguars- True they had health problems with their line last year. But head coach Jake Del Rio has always made offensive line a priority. He proved that again this off-season in signing LT Tre Thomas from the Eagles. Then with his first round pick (7th over all) the draft Tackle Eugene Monroe. Then drafted Tackle Eben Britten in the early part of the second round.

2. Quarterback
Rams- Marc “still on my back” Bulger. To Marc’s credit you can’t expect him to be effective with no line. But the zero mobility isn’t very good as well. When a quarterback can’t buy time with his feet he had best have a strong line to protect him. Thus well…..still on my back Bulger.

Jaguars- David Garrard. Not only will Garrard have a good line this year to buy him time in the pocket. David is also excellent at buy time for himself with his great foot work and solid decision making. No he probably won’t be an all world fantasy juggernaut but he is a very solid quarterback for the Jaguars. Bottom line with all that time David has a much better chance of finding Torry all season long.

Jacksonville Jaguars Minicamp

3. Running Game
Rams- I know what your thinking, “The Rams aren’t bad here they have Steven Jackson.” I would agree with that thinking except for one thing. Jackson always gets hurt! That boy can’t seem to stay healthy for more than 9 games a year. The line may have something to do with it, but hey when he’s not in there it kills any hope the Rams have of success. Again that is not all Steven’s fault either because no team should depend on one guy to make or break the team. The Patriot’s proved that yet again last year going 10-6 after Tom Brady went down.

Jaguars- True they did lose Fred Taylor but they still have the “Might Mouse” in Maurice Jones- Drew. With a strong line and the commitment to smash mouth football, I’m confident the Jags will be fine even if Drew goes down for awhile.

If that doesn’t convince you that Holt is ready for a dare I say Pro Bowl campaign just remember this. Never underestimate a star with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Torry made it clear in St. Louis that the Rams were phasing him out. Not even using him in the game plan as anything more than a decoy. Which for the record I can’t understand because they basically killed his trade value in the process. The only thing I will go on record for knocking Holt is that I do believe he has lost a step or two in the last three years. It was about three years ago he had some knee problems and I don’t think he’s as fast as he was before those issues. Never the less when your quarterback has time and mobility, you’d be surprised how your yards per catch can go up.

Ranking Torry Holt’s Fantasy Football Value

This year I see Torry as a very strong wide receiver in the early mid rounds in most formats. This is the kind of year you can get Torry maybe even cheaper than those rankings on your board because people just won’t pull the trigger on him. Holt will play it cool with the press but this is a man out to prove some things this year. And the Jaguars will be more than willing to make his dreams of proving his doubters wrong come true all season long.

Written By: Sean Douglas-

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