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Fantasy Football Info: Will Joe Flacco Air it Out in 2009?

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

As I stumbled through the news to day and found some interesting fantasy football info on Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense. Apparently Baltimore’s offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was quoted as saying he expects the Ravens to attack more through the air this year.

In my opinion Cameron is the type of coach (like many in sports) that will put out a lot of “predictions” that his players will have great years. On my fantasy info site, I wrote a column about the Ravens running back committee. In that article I noted some of Cam’s predictions for his runners this up coming season.

Cameron’s has been on the up and up with all three of his runner this off-season. If you listen to him talk, you might think every runner is bound for a great year. To hear him say that Flacco is going to throw more and have success, is no surprise in my book.

Will the Ravens be a pass first, run second offense in 2009?

There is a reason people have loved to play the game of chess for century’s and that is because it is a thinkers game. My personal belief is that (I don’t play personally) the value in that game is it’s strategy and anticipation. If you do not have these skills, you will lose often.

You can apply the values in chess and import those same ideas into any sport. In football like any other sport, you want to make your opponent think your going one way and then “bang” go the other.

The Ravens first move on the chess table is best served to use the run and often. Look for the Ravens to pound the football and attempt to suck defense in to stop the ground game. Then “bang” you will see Joe Flacco, throw off of that running success, with less defenders set in place to stop the pass.

Just about every coach in football will choose to run the ball first if they can. With a running game you can control the flow of the game and beat your opponents defense up. With that success you also keep the other teams offense off the field and keep your defense fresh.

Baltimore has had an excellent defense over the last decade and are one of the most feared defenses in football. But in years where the Ravens offense has been unable to eat the clock, their defense wears out and gets injured more often.

No matter what Cam Cameron says about passing more, the Ravens will protect their prized king on the chess board (the defense) and give them all the tools they need for success. It would be foolish for Baltimore to be a throw first team and leave their king subject to “checkmate” by their opponent.

Joe Flacco’s Fantasy Football Information

While the Ravens will be a run first team again this season, I do believe Flacco will throw a bit more then last year. With receivers Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton, Joe has good options to throw to in the passing game. If Todd Heap can overcome his injury problems in recent years, he would be a fine option as well.

As long as Ray Lewis is still on the Ravens, they will probably be a defensive minded team first. But eventually this team will turn the focus over to Flacco as he progresses in his experience in the NFL.

Look for Flacco as a nice backup fantasy quarterback in ten to twelve league formats this year. He should improve on his passing touchdown totals. Expect some where between 18 to 21 touchdowns from Flacco in season number two.

AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

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