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Fantasy Football Information: The Dallas Cowboys’ Offense

Dallas Cowboys Release Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Terrell Owens

NFL: DEC 28 Cowboys v Eagles

After the season analysts sited the Cowboys chemistry as the main reason for their lack of success. No doubt the main culprit in the media’s mind was wide receiver Terrell Owens. Main feeling was Owens was too complacent to Tony Romo about wanting the football and thus led to Tony making poor decisions.

In the end Jerry Jones decided to release Terrell from the team and move on with Roy Williams (acquired in a trade from the Lions) as his new number receiver.

With the move of Owens leaving the team, fantasy football owners saw Romo’s fantasy value drop from probably the number 2 quarterback in this year draft, to around number 5th or 6th. While you won’t find many people in fantasy football being true fans of TO, no one could deny his talent and production on the field. Now Romo has Williams as an unproven number one receiver and I personally have my doubt about Roy’s capability.

For one Roy is the type of guy that seems to always be clowning around when it’s time to get down to business. For two I didn’t like the fact that he dogged his old team the Lions when he came to Dallas. Yes I remember when the media asked him if the Cowboys had problems and he said, “The Cowboys don’t have problems, the team I came from has problems.”

While no one can dispute the fact that the 0-16 Lions have problems Roy still could have shown more professionalism. Furthermore wear was Roy’s production on the field to help the Lions be a better team? He was supposed to be their best player and 232 yards and 1 touchdown in five games doesn’t say much!

Coming together as a team

This off-season for the Cowboys is all about unselfish play and working together. This is the type of stuff that all sporting teams should be made of and yet sadly isn’t always true. I do believe if they are to find success as a team they must find this unselfish balance in 2009. To me the record will be the most important headline for Dallas but I will be interested to see if Roy Williams can be a number one receiver.

Williams and Romo need to find chemistry together this off-season to be successful with one another. If they can work in harmony together I see the both of their fantasy values moving higher as the season moves along. Their success will also make ownership look good about the decision to release Terrell Owens. If in fact Roy Williams can’t get it done how ever, the decision to release Owens will haunt Dallas for the entire season.

Tony Romo’s Fantasy Football Ranking in the Dallas Cowboys Offense

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While Tony Romo is still a top 5 quarterback on my board, he isn’t the same dare I say “sexy” fantasy player as before. Yes he still has best friend tight end Jason Witten and that is good. But Romo’s value is hurt by two things. One I believe the Cowboys brand of offense this year will be to run first and throw second.

Look for runners Felix Jones and Marion Barber pound the football early and often in 2009. The second reason is Tony and Roy Williams need to show they can work together at a high level of production.

If Roy can put together a 1,300 yard and 8 touchdowns this year Romo’s value will move up. All and all if you can squeeze Romo out in your draft around the 5th or 6th round go for it. But I caution you (Cowboy fans) to not stretch into the first few rounds for Tony this year.

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