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Fantasy Football Snake June Mock Draft

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Fantasy Info June Mock Draft
Highlight Information: Players Round by Round

1st Round Information

NFL: DEC 28 Giants at Vikings Adrian Peterson – At this point in time, Adrian still has a quarterback issue on his team. How ever “All Day” is just to talented a player to not be the top fantasy pick, even if Brett Favre does not sign with the team. If Brett should sign, Peterson would be able to take his game to another level. Reason for this is that obviously defenses would have to take Favre seriously and not load nine in the box to stop Adrian. 2nd Round Information Marion Barber– When my Dad (Wait Till Next Year) selected Barber in the second round, I was amazed to see how Marion value has changed. Last season Barber was one the rise as a mid first round pick, in most fantasy leagues. With Julius Jones out of the picture and Marion finally the starter, it look like he was primed for a great year. Like most players on Dallas he was a disappointment and now their is talk that Felix Jones will start and Barber will be used as he was when Julius was on the team. 3rd Round Information Roddy White– It does not seem to matter what quarterback throws the football to White, he just keeps producing. With Matt Ryan at the helm, he now has a legit quarterback and should see his touchdown totals move higher, as Ryan continues to progress. The addition of tight end Tony Gonzalez only helps Roddy, as now defenses have to pay attention to someone else in the offense. 4th Round Information Braylon Edwards– Many fantasy owners were disappointed with Edwards last season. I was a little surprised when when he was selected in the 4th round by Randy. In the end there just are not that many receivers that have had 16 touchdown seasons. Not to also add that last year, was a down season for lots of receivers in fantasy. 5th Round Information Larry Johnson– Not to long ago, Larry was the No.1 player in fantasy football. But the last two seasons, Johnson has been a total fantasy bust, in any format.

Sports - October 14, 2007

This year Larry is still slated to be the feature runner (assuming he is a good boy off the field) and his offensive line is getting better. Granted the loss of Tony Gonzalez will hurt, but if you can snag LJ as your 5th round pick or lower, his is probably worth the gamble.

6th Round Information

Greg Olsen– With no proven true receivers in the Chicago offense, look for Jay Cutler to go to Olsen this year. Greg has an excellent chance to be a fantasy star as the Bears should compete for a playoff spot this season.

If Greg can not produce this year for fantasy owners, when will he ever get it done. It’s now or never.

7th Round Information

Wes Welker, Thomas Jones, Joesph Addai and Aaron Rodgers– You can tell it is June because all these players should go higher then the 7th round in a ten team league. Every year you see good players fall in the draft, it is rounds like this one, that fantasy owners can capitalize on players that fall a bit too far.

8th Round Information

LeSean McCoy– fantasy owner Chicago Blues, was smart to draft McCoy as a backup for Brian Westbrook on her team. If you have Westbrook this season, you should think long and hard about wear McCoy will fit into your draft plans.

Right now Brian should be ready for the start of the regular season, but no one will know how long (and effective) he can play with this ailment. It does help that Brian had surgery this month, so hopefully he will be fine.

9th Round Information

Jamal Lewis– So far in camp Jamal has been a little slow to recover from ankle surgery.

Head Coach Eric Mangini, loves to use a two man committee at running back. Last year his committee in Leon Washington and Thomas Jones work out great, so look for him to get Jerome Harrison into the mix this season.

10th Round Information

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings

Chester Taylor– My Dad was a cold dog for taking Adrian Peterson’s backup, as his last pick. Our online draft group, had many comments back and forth on this one.

Chester is a good fantasy player if given the chance. With Peterson’s in- ability to stay healthy at times, this is a great “stash away” pick and might pay off big. In the end this was only a mock draft and we won’t be playing with these teams.

Let this write up be a reminder to those that are lucky enough to have Adrian this year. If you draft Peterson, watch out for another person in your league drafting Taylor. Nothing would be worse then if Adrian should go down and you have to watch another team succeed with No.29.

Written By- Sean E. Douglas:

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