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Fantasy Info: Can Santonio Holmes be a Consistent Fantasy Producer?

Super Bowl XLIII Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, Florida.

Last season I thought Santonio Holmes was primed for star dome in Pittsburgh. By the end of the super bowl, I suppose that prediction was an accurate one, as he won the MVP title in the big game.

While it is true that Santonio had a great game, some fantasy owners (like my Dad) would have rather seen him flop in that contest. To see a player you selected on your fantasy team, play great in the big game, while he cost you a playoff bid is a killer.

I can still hear my Dad saying, “you jerk, why couldn’t you of done that all season!”

Draft day Elation

To understand why my father would say such things, one must go all the way back draft day in the summer of ’08.

When a fantasy owner selects any player in their top five overall picks, they look to those men as the leaders of their fantasy team. Not only are they leaders, but often times they are the most talented game breakers on your team.

Beyond those expectations, nothing makes a fantasy caption more elated then when he has a young game breaking stud on his team. Visions of sugar plums and long touchdown scores go dancing through your head.

You may even conjure up a day, were you need that big play on Monday night to stomp your sons team in to the ground and that key player gets it done for you. Then you call up son and say, “well I guess I just was lucky today, but hang in there son you have a good team.”

Unfortunately for my dad that phone call never came, as Holmes put up a measly 821 yards and 5 touchdowns in his third season in the NFL. This was down from his 2007 totals of, 942 yards and 8 touchdowns.

To add to the frustration Santonio also had a one game suspension for possession of marijuana. It’s decisions like this that make a fantasy owner wonder if that players mind is on having fun or finding success on the football field.

Turn the page

Super Bowl XLIII

This off-season prosecutors drop drug charges against Holmes for his incident last season. This is good news for Santonio as it basically insures he won’t be suspended this season again.

As far as where a fantasy drafter should select Holmes this season, I say look for him as soon as the 5th round. While this young star did have a down year a season ago, he did finish on a good note. Beyond that, it is not like Holmes was the only receiver to disappoint in the NFL last year, as it was a down season across the board for wide outs.

If you are looking for Holmes to be a consistent fantasy star, I believe you need to look else were. As long as Hines Ward is on the team it will always hurt No.10’s chances for consistent success.

The Steelers also lost two more offensive linemen this off-season. With those losses and Alan Fanica the season before, one has to wonder if Big Ben can stay healthy. If Rothlessburger goes down then expect the Steelers to be more conservative as an offense.

In the end Holmes is still a top 20 fantasy receiver, as he has just to much talent to go lower.

Who knows maybe this year if my Dad selects old Santonio, he will actually get to make that phone call and tell me how lucky he was. Then again I plan on having an unbeatable team so I suppose he will have to wait till next year to say those crushing words.

Happy Fathers Day Dad and I hope you have success in 2009.

Written By- Sean E. Douglas:

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