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Fantasy Info: Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw Could be a Fantasy Star

NFL: JAN 11 NFC Divisional Game - Eagles at Giants

The New York Giants have one of the best offensive lines in football. Last year Brandon Jacobs barreled through defenders on his way to a 15 touchdowns in only 13 games. While that production was very good, one has to be a little concerned with Jacobs health issues.

In Jacobs first two seasons as the Giants starting runner, he has missed a total of 8 games in that time. Brandon has also only carried the ball at most 219 times in a season. These are both red flags for a young running back at this point in his career.


“He can really run and get into the secondary in a hurry. Plus, when the hole is not there, he can sometimes make his own hole by hitting it up in there. That’s probably why he doesn’t play 16 games. He’s a big target and takes a lot of shots. He dishes out a lot of punishment and takes a lot. You got guys down around his ankles and knees who don’t want to hit him high and you can understand that.” GM Jerry Reese on Brandon Jacobs

In the past two years the Giants have been able to rely on Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw, when Jacobs was out. This off-season Ward left to the Buccaneers in free agency.

Ward leaves behind his 1,025 rushing yard production behind, as he moves on in the NFL. With this void and Jacobs health, look for Bradshaw to pick up all the work after Brandon in the running game.

Ahmad Bradshaw is coming into his own

Bradshaw has the skills to be a terrific fantasy running back. His career yards per carry is a sparkling 6.1 and he has great break away speed in the open field.

Look for Ahmad to have around 200 carries this season, as I do believe at some point Jacobs will go down again. If Brandon breaks down again late in the season, Bradshaw will probably lead many fantasy teams to a championship.

This team is build to run the ball and someone is going to excel in this offense. When your offensive line consistently lets you go untouched through the line of scrimmage, your going to have success.

Fantasy Information for Ahmad Bradshaw

Right now Bradshaw is nothing more then a late round stash away. But if you can afford to hold onto him, he should be well worth the wait.

If you own Brandon Jacobs this year, consider Ahmad a must have hand cuff runner. The last thing you want is to see another owner, winning games with Bradshaw on his team.

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