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Fantasy Info: Justin Forsett and the Seattle Seahawks’ Running Game

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Last year the Seahawks were the 19th ranked running team in the NFL. This was surprising to me, as this offense was one of the worst in fantasy football last season. While Julius Jones did have a strong first three games (312 yards and 2 touchdowns) of the year, he fell out of favor with Holmgren, when Mourice Morris came back. Mourice Morris how ever wasn’t all that exciting either as he only totaled just over 500 rushing yards and zero rushing (two as a receiver) touchdowns. While Duckett received the least amount of touches (only 3 games with more then 5 carries in the season) he was the goal line back on the team, with 8 touchdowns to his credit. New Coordinator but the Same Results Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp came over from the Raiders this off-season, to reunite with head coach Jim Mora. While Knapp has had proven success with the 49ers, Falcons and Raiders in running the football, he has done so by running a committee play calling style. Seattle Seahawks Minicamp

This off-season Mourice Morris went to the Detroit Lions, leaving Jones and Duckett as the two veteran runners on the team.

“I’m not going to say that there’s a marquee name in our backfield that the whole nation knows, because there’s not. But hopefully at the end of the year there is a marquee name, and it’s one of the three running backs we have on our roster right now.” – Head Coach Jim Mora

For new head coach Jim Mora to come out and say that the Seahawks don’t have a m
marquee runner at this time, only makes me believe they like Justin Forsett.

The reason I say this is because if Julius Jones and Duckett aren’t considered “marquee” runners now, they won’t be by the end of 2009. Sure every once in awhile you find a Lamar Smith come out as a veteran and have a great season, but it does not happen often.

Forsett Drops in the 2008 Draft

Forsett saw his stock drop in last years draft mainly because of his size. While he does stand in at only 5’8 and 194 pounds, I do believe in the coming years he has a good shot to start.

Houston Steve Slaton also dropped into the third round of the draft last year because of his size (5’9 and 203 pounds) but we all know how he preformed last season.

While Forsett may be under sized he is a talented runner. When he was with the Cal Bears in college, I thought this kid was primed to be a second round pick. But this did not happen as the NFL seems to think that undersized players are no good in this league.

Just look at undrafted rookie receiver Devone Bess last year with the Miami Dolphins. He came onto that team and had the second best season, for an undrafted rookie receiver in NFL history. The two knocks on Devone was that for one he was undersized and two he played in a run and shot offense at Hawaii.

While Slaton and Bess proved their doubters wrong, it is now time for Forsett to prove he can get it done as well.

Justin Forsett Fantasy Information in the Seahawks Offense

At this point in time Forsett’s fantasy value is not draft worthy. But I do believe at the end of the season, he very well may end up being the No.1 runner on the team.

Their was a reason in my mind why retired head coach Mike Holmgren, did not like using Julius, after Morris came back. While I won’t pretend to tell you what the specifics were, I do believe if Jones was not worthy of the feature role last year, he won’t see it again in his career.

Look for TJ Duckett to continue to get the football at the goaline again this season. I don’t believe he will see very many carries this year again, as he just does not seem to have the ability to carry the load.

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