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Fantasy Information: Can 49ers’ Vernon Davis turn the corner?

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When the San Francisco 49ers selected tight end Vernon Davis in the 2006 draft, I thought they had the next Antonio Gates.

He had the size and speed that made one believe Vernon had tools to do something special on the field at anytime, but somewhere everything went wrong with his attitude.

I’m not sure exactly where it started. Maybe it was those “Click Clack” commercials he had.

Maybe it was just one too many reporters kissing his butt and saying what a gifted player he was.

The bottom line is that Davis just has not even come close to getting it done on the field in his first three seasons.

Here are Vernon’s average stats per season in his first three years:

34 catches, 377 yards, three TDs

Now, it is true that Davis has not had a great quarterback situation in his time in Frisco, but to me those numbers are good if you’re an undrafted backup tight end.

Stats like that are not supposed to happen for a star player.

It’s production like this that shows me the combines are overrated, as Vernon ran a 4.3, and everybody and their mama loved him.

On a side note, this is also what I think will happen to Darrius Heyward-Bey for the Raiders. He ran a 4.3, and the Raiders passed on Michael Crabtree.

Thank you, Al Davis. I’m looking forward to Crabtree on the 49ers, and you can keep your 4.3 all day.


A Change of Heart and a New Outlook on the Game

Everyone knows by now what happened between Vernon and Mike Singletary in Mike’s first game as the 49ers’ head coach.

In that game, while I do believe Singletary did the right thing to “wake up” Vernon by sending him to the showers, it was a very embarrassing thing for a coach to do.

But Mike is an old school player that has had great success in football, playing under the likes of Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka. He knows what it takes to be a winner, and no one should question the man’s heart because he has a big one.

In the end, the truth of the matter is that someone needed to tell Vernon that football is still a team sport. It’s not about strutting around when your team is hurting and then going home to do another “Click Clack” commercial or something.

Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers

After this game, I noticed that Davis seemed to get the message, and from what I could tell, he toned down his antics on the field big time the rest of the season.

So far in 2009 during interviews, I’ve heard Singletary say nothing but good things about Vernon and how hard he has worked this offseason. If this information is true and No. 85 has changed his ways, then we could be looking at a completely different player in the coming years in San Fran. Vernon Davis’ fantasy football information for 2009

While Davis may never be a great fantasy star, I do believe he can be a productive one.

Coming into this year’s fantasy draft, there is no reason to stretch for Vernon, as you can have him in the late rounds of the draft. You will probably even find him on the waiver wire as most fantasy owners have given up on No. 85.

Nevertheless, keep your eye on him as he does have great talent. If it holds true that he is finally getting over himself and getting down to business, he could have a nice 800-yard, seven-touchdown season in 2009.

Best of luck, Vernon, and go 49ers!

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