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Fantasy Information: Why Should Steven Jackson be a Top 5 Fantasy Runner?

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This week I happen to walk into my local grocery store and I passed by the magazine section. At this time of year lots of fantasy football sites are cranking out their fantasy mags (fantasy info magazine is free online) for everyone to read.

I normally don’t like to bash other sites rankings because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m trying to make them look bad. But when I picked up ESPN’s fantasy football magazine and saw that Steven Jackson was ranked No.5 running back, I slowly closed the mag and walked away.

How can Steven Be a Top Five, This Season!

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson is a solid talent, but to have him 5th overall is just ridiculous this season. In 2006 Steven had the second best season of any player that year (LT made his run for 30 TD’s that year) in fantasy football. Naturally Jackson was then ranked as the 2nd best player to draft coming into the 2007 season.

In 2007 Jackson was a disappointment to many fantasy owners as he missed 4 games to injury and he only had six touchdowns.

In 2008 Steven was still ranked around the top 5 runners in fantasy. I didn’t mind that ranking last year because many runners had bad seasons and Jackson was only one year removed from fantasy greatness.

But again in 2008 Steven missed 4 more games due to injury and disappointed fantasy owners that rolled the dice, believing he would bounce back.

2009 Jackson is not even a top ten fantasy runner

In our rankings this year we currently have Jackson as the 14th best runner in fantasy. This is because of four parts and they are health, bad team, two bad seasons and solid runners broke out last year.

Sooner or later a guy that has great talent and does not get it done, is just not a top 5 player in his respective position. Especially when you consider there are more options for fantasy running back this year.

With young runners like Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton and Matt Forte you should be considering these fine young runners before Steven.

Other options like Maurice Jones-Drew or Brandon Jacobs have also moved above Jackson in this years draft.

Why is Jackson better then LT

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Also can someone give me the info as to why Jackson deserves to be ranked over LT this year?
For some reason ESPN seems to think that Jackson has “earned” a higher ranking then LT.

Hey it’s true that LaDanion did have a down year for his standards. But the man still played every game, scored twelve touchdowns, had over 1,500 all purpose yards and caught 52 receptions.

LT is still on a great offense and they are in the weakest division in football coming into 2009.

Steven Jackson has only sniffed the stats listed above one time in his whole career!!!!

Fantasy Information for Steven Jackson

While Steven is a great talent I need to see his stats, health and team all improve before he moves back into the top ten, let alone the top five.

Having great talent is all well and good but sooner or later I have to see a player “live up” to his lofty expectations. Especially before he gets ranked as a top five overall runner in fantasy football.

Sooner or later a fantasy owner deserves to get a player off of two down seasons at a “value” coming into the next year. Braylon Edwards had 16 touchdowns in 2007 and last year he had a horrible season. Would you rank him as a top 5 receiver this year?

With all that being said I actually do like Steve as a nice No.2 runner for your fantasy team this season. But please don’t try and sell me that this guy should be a mid first round pick this year.

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