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Has Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco Lost His Mind?

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Chad Johnson used to be one of my favorite fantasy football players. While Chad was not a consistent producer week to week in ’06 and ’07, in the end he put his numbers up for your team. Racking up close to 90 reception, 1,400 yards and 8 touchdowns, every season.

This was the kind of production that made fantasy owners select Johnson year after year in the top 15 receivers on draft day.

2008 meltdown

In the 2008 off-season Chad Johnson tried just about everything to get a new contract or be dealt. But in the end, head coach Marvin Lewis and Bengals management did not budge. Johnson eventually came back to the team.

Just before the beginning of the season Chad officially changed his last name from Johnson to Ochocinco. Chad wanted to put his new last name on the back of his jersey. But the NFL told him he would have to pay for every one of his jersey with the last name Johnson, if he wanted to use his new last name in 2008.

Since it would cost him millions of dollars to purchase all of his old jerseys, Chad opted to wait a season.

If his new last name is any indication of his production on the field, Mr. Ochocinco would be better off changing his last name back to Johnson. In 2008 Ocho produced a measly 53 receptions for 540 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Couple that with his yards per catch going down from an career average of around 15.5 yards to 10.2 and you can see why Chad was a major bust last year.

2009 Off-Season Ramblings

“I’m not even going to lie to you, I’m going to say it. Last year, the off-season, I didn’t lift one weight, I didn’t run one route, I didn’t exercise. I didn’t do nothing because my focus was on getting out of a situation I didn’t want to be in. I’m not going to lie.”
– Chad’s comments on his 2008 season

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Chad has never shied away from attention from the media. From wearing hall of fame jackets after touchdowns to changing his last name. So it’s no surprise that Ochocinco would be honest enough to admit that he did not lift a finger last off-season.

I’m sure most people are probably offended by the comments Chad came out with about his training habits from a season ago and they probably should be. But those comments are just another chapter in a decline of popularity Mr. Ocho has seen in the last year.

At one time Chad’s jersey sales were one of the highest in the NFL. Now it’s being reported that Chad doesn’t even make the top 100 jersey sales in football.

From a fantasy point of view this season many owners will pass on Chad round after round, as they have lost trust in this skilled receiver. No doubt his value is rock bottom for a player with his resume and production in seasons past.

Chad Ochocinco’s Fantasy Status for 2009

It is nice to see that Chad is finally trying to live up to his contract once again, by working out and preparing for success. But to me if Chad is going to have a productive season, he needs Carson Palmer to stay healthy.

“I know people are trying to say we’re mad at each other and all that, but we’re good,” Chad said. “We’re like Broke back Mountain.” – Chad’s response to his relationship with Carson Palmer

As far as Carson and Chad relationship I believe it is still fine, as both players need a good year to get back on track with their careers. As far as the Broke back comment…’s not my business what they do in their off time, lets just leave it at that.

Purchase Your Bengals Chad Ochocinco Jersey Today!Obviously you will want to wait until you get Chad at a good value in you fantasy draft this year. So start looking to draft him some where around the seventh round in your draft.

Most of you reading this piece will think I’m crazy for saying that but Chad is the kind of player that when everyone is folding on his value, you need to go all in.

I believe he will return to a 1,300 yards and maybe even 10 touchdowns this season, as Houshmanzada is now gone from the team.

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