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12 Team July NFL Mock Draft Cheat Sheet from Fantasy Football Information

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Fantasy Info- July 12 Team NFL Mock Draft Standard Leagues

Fantasy Football Information on Our 12 Team July NFL Mock Draft Cheat Sheet

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

In this July 12 team mock draft for standard leagues I was slated to draft 7th overall. It is always interesting to see how the culture of an internet draft is as opposed to a live draft, where everyone meets at a house or pizza parlor and drafts. This mock draft was 12 teams as noted before and went a full 16 rounds. Every year in July I always feel like I’ve missed a player or two I should of not lost out on as I’m a bit rusty at this time of year for fantasy football drafts. It’s one thing to have a bounce of guys ranked on paper and another to actually pull the trigger on a player you have ranked as the 19 best receiver or do you draft the guy you really like at the 25th overall receiver. In mock drafts as in real drafts we all find out whom we personally really feel will be a player we want on our respective teams. Last month I selected one player from every round of the draft and talk about them. For this standard mock draft I will do the same for the first ten rounds again. Round 1: Fantasy Football Info On: Bears Running Back Matt Forte I was surprised when Matt Forte dropped all the way to me at the seventh overall pick in this draft. Rarely have I seen Matt drafted anywhere lower then 4th in most mock drafts and in just about any fantasy format. Purchase Your Bears Matt Forte Jersey Today! This season is an interesting one as their are about 9 or 10 runners after all day that could go at any time between 2nd and 10th overall. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the first round move this way in awhile. My feeling on the reasoning for this is because the 2007 fantasy football season was a very bad one for running backs. Then in 2008 we have a bunch of rookie running backs taken in the first and second round of the NFL draft. With this movement in the league it brought on a surge in young breakout talent that came on to the fantasy football scene. Not to also add that Michael Turner had a huge year in his first season as a starter, LT had a down year and Fred Taylor finally left Jacksonville, leaving MJD on his own. With all this movement, all I can tell you is be ready for a player you didn’t expect at this point of the draft to possibly come your way in 2009. 2nd Round: Fantasy Football Info: Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Tom Brady was the first pick in the second round and the first quarterback to be selected in the draft as well. This pick also surprised me as most mock drafts I’ve seen so far tend to have Drew Brees going hands down as the first quarterback for this season. With that being said I do believe Tom is ready to bounce back from his knee injury and lead the Patriots back to the super bowl. However I do believe he will probably hit a stretch in the season when his knee is gets a little tired. In that stretch it will be interesting to see how fantasy football teams hold up as they no doubt will pay a high price to draft him. 3rd Round: Fantasy Football Info: Lions Running Back Kevin Smith Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

Some people laugh at Kevin Smith for things he comes out and says every now and then in the press. But in my mind this guy never says anything but positive hopes for his team for the future.

I like this running back and the heart he runs with on the field. Look for Smith to be a good runner for your fantasy football team in 2009. While he’s not a very explosive player, he does seem to be a consistent player as he showed in the second half of his rookie season.

4th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Buccaneers Running Back Derrick Ward

Just a couple weeks ago the Buccaneers were saying Derrick Ward would be the “feature player” in their offense for the 2009 season. But then last week they came out and said that Earnest Graham was going to be the first team back when camp got started.

NFL: MAR 31 Buccaneers Mini Camp

So far I’ve seen nothing but mixed words out of this new coaching staff in Tampa Bay. I’m beginning to lose any faith in what I hear and am growing more cautious about drafting players on this team. Lots has changed in the organization from players, coaches and the front office. If you draft any Buccaneer players on your team this year I would do it later then the 4th round in 2009. 5th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Bengals Wide Receiver Chad “Twitter” Ochocinco

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

In June Chad Ochocinco actually had me believing that this would be the season that he would turn things around and get down to business on the Bengals. Boy oh boy was I wrong as now he is coming out with this new twitter joke he is pulling to get himself back in the media.

This guy has totally lost touch with the game and has been about self promotion for a few years too many. At one time it was a funny side note when he would do something off to the side. But now it seems that all he cares about is telling us that he knows people like Denzel Washington and others.

If you take Chad this year I hope it is at a point in the draft when you can stomach him acting up during the season and not getting it done for you. Point is you had better have some other good receivers on your team so that if you have this guy, you can afford him busting as he did in 2008.

6th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub

NFL: DEC 28 Bears at Texans

While some people seem to be down on Matt Schaub for injuries, I believe he and the rest of the Texans offensive players are primed for a fine season. The Texans offensive line is now actually a pretty good one and I do believe that Schaub will stay health this year. Now that the Texans have a running back that defenses have to respect, look for the passing lanes (especially down the field) to open up as defenders have to account for Steve Slaton in the back field. 7th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Ravens Running Back Ray Rice I’ve liked Ray Rice since his days in college as he had lots of success. Last year he showed us flashes of what he can bring to the table at this level and he will be helped this year by maybe the leagues best offensive line. His value has also taken a boost as Willis McGahee has had two more off-season knee surgery’s and was also put behind Ray on the practice depth chart. What I found interesting about that information is that McGahee didn’t put up a fight over it in the press. Willis has never been shy about letting the media know when he is not happy. For him to say nothing of an argument over this shows me he too must be concerned about his knee’s health right now. My only problem with Rice at this point in time is that Le’Ron McClain is still heads away the clear runner for touchdowns inside the red zone. Unless Rice can snag away some of those touchdown opportunity’s, he will be limited to yardage and the occasional long touchdown run. 8th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Jaguars Wide Receiver Torry Holt Their are a lot of people in the fantasy football world that believe the old man is wash up and is done for fantasy. While I’ve not been a fan of Torry Holt for the past two seasons, I do believe he is primed for a solid season in 2009. My reasoning for this is that Torry’s supporting cast was a complete joke in St. Louis the past few seasons. Mainly the joke was on the offensive line and the managements failure to not add depth through the draft and in free agency. NFL: Rams vs 49ers NOV 16

With poor offensive line protection Marc Bulger was pounded on again and again by opposing defenders. To be honest I’m surprised that Marc made it through those seasons and is still in the league.

Anyway this year Torry has a completely different situation in Jacksonville as the Jags have a good line and David Garrard has the ability to buy time with his legs (unlike the immobile Bulger). Not only does he have that going for him but he is also on a team that will be committed to getting the football to him. That is something you definitely couldn’t say about the Rams last year.

9th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore

This one was a shocker to me and for some reason I didn’t draft this guy. How a receiver like this drops to the 9th round in a 12 team league is beyond me. For one he is on the Saints with Drew Brees and he also had 10 touchdowns last year.

Beyond that the team came out last week and told the press that Lance Moore’s shoulder is now at full health after off-season surgery. While I don’t fully believe that as I’ve had should surgery my self (a shoulder is never 100% the way it used to be after surgery) I do believe it won’t be an issue for this season.

NFL: DEC 07 Falcons at Saints

In the end I would expect this guy to go some where in the 6th round as the real drafts kick off and we are all playing for keeps. If you snag this guy lower then that consider it a gift. 10th Round: Fantasy Football Info: Giants Wide Receiver Domenik Hixon I must admit that I haven’t really thought much of this receiver until this month. But as the months have road on I keep seeing this name come up and I can’t help but believe he could fill a niche for this team. The Giants need a receiver that is best suited for Eli Manning and that receiver needs to be big and catch balls inside the red zone. While many may not think a tone of Hixon in the football world, he might come out and have a fine season for the New York Giants in 2009. NFL: DEC 07 Eagles at Giants

Around this point of a 12 team draft Hixon may very well be worth a role of the dice as he will probably not start on your team at the beginning of the season.

More Fantasy Football Information Notes

That wraps up covering the rounds as I only intended to break down one player from the first 10 rounds of the fantasy football draft. But I have one other quick hitter I wanted to touch on as well.

Mike Vick is drafted in the 15th round

My only issue with this one is why didn’t this team wait until their final pick in the 16th round to get this guy. I must admit I was a little surprised to see Vick drafted in a fantasy football draft again. Especially since we don’t even know how long he is going to be out once the commissioner is done with him.

Bears v Falcons

In the end this was just a mock draft and I’m sure this fantasy owner probably won’t draft him when the bell sounds and it’s for real. In the end here is wishing you success in the 2009 fantasy football season.

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