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Brett Favre Wins For Biggest Douche Bag of the Year!!!

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I can’t believe this guy actually put the Minnesota Vikings and everyone else for that matter through all this and then at the very end stays retired. I used to like Brett Favre and will always remember the way he played with the Packers.

This guy just loves to get his name in the press and can’t get enough of it. True the NFL is a business and at the end of the day a player or team has the right to part ways if they want at any time.

UPI POY 2008 - Sports
That being said, business or no business, Brett’s been coming out and playing games in the media this entire time. This guy has become probably the biggest douche bag known to man (well maybe Jose Canseco is first) but at the end of the day Favre is a selfish jerk.

I wonder if this guy backed out in resent days as the Vikings players have been putting pressure on him to sign. Hopefully someone on the Vikings will come out and rip this guy for putting the entire organization through all this mess and then saying no.

Packers Conspiracy Theory

Or maybe all this was planned the entire time…..

Brett Favre is maybe the most popular Packer of all time and that is saying a lot for this organization.

Their is also no denying that the Packers and Vikings do not get along at all as they are division rivals.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans

This situation would be a little different as Brett and the Packers may have had planned all along to drive the Vikings crazy with all this media attention and then at the end, pull the string and say sorry.

No doubt the Vikings needed Brett Favre as they only have Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson as quarterbacks.

Will Michael Vick go to the Vikings?

With Brett Favre now gone, maybe the Vikings will explore making a move for Michael Vick. This team needs a quarterback and Vick has given the Vikings fits in the past.

This will be an interesting situation in Minnesota either way.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons

Fantasy Football Information for the Vikings offense

Everyone on the Vikings offense is less valuable without Favre on the team. With Favre defenses would have needed to respect the pass and Adrian Peterson would of had bigger holes to run through.

Now Adrian is still probably the No.1 pick in fantasy football but he will now have to do it the hard way as he has the last two seasons.

Bernard Berrian is the only receiver you should be looking at for a wide receiver at this point in time. Berrian would have been a hands down top 5 round pick with Favre on the team. But now I could see him drop as far as the mid rounds of fantasy football drafts.

In the end this is a sad day for Vikings fans who no doubt have waited for Favre to announce he would play for the team. For him to lead this organization around the way he has and then say no, makes me sick.

You are a Douche bag Favre and a Jerk!!!!!!!!!

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