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Eagles ’09 Off-Season is One of Hard Times for the Defense and Team

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No doubt July 28th, 2009 will go down as a big day of news in the NFL. First we hear of Brett Favre retiring, but saying he will still work out. Then in much sadder new we learn of Philadelphia Eagles long time defensive coordinator passed away today from cancer.

While Jim Johnson will probably always be known best for his last ten years or so of being Andy Reid’s defensive coordinator, but he also had much success even before his time in the city of brotherly love.

Johnson coached with success for organizations like the Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals. He helped countless defensive players become great pro bowl talents from Aeneas Williams in Arizona to Brian Dawkins who left the Eagles this year and is with the Denver Broncos.

Johnson always seemed to keep his defenses at the very top of the important defensive stats that mattered, just about every year. What he is probably best known for in his time in the NFL, was his aggressive nature in which his defenses played at.

Just about any defense or position on the defense he coached always had a knack for getting to the football and creating turn overs.

Maybe his best example of this is when he was the Seahawks linebackers coach in 1998 and the team had 10 defensive touchdowns (second most in an NFL season) that year.

How can will the Eagles fair on defense in 2009?

It is hard to think about these types of matters when you have a sad loss like this today. But I will touch on it just a bit, because well this is a fantasy football site and this information is important.

While the Eagles have now lost their leader on defense in the booth, they have also lost their leader on the field as well.Align Center

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Safety Brian Dawkins has been the fixture on the Eagles defense for I believe the entire time Johnson has been the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

With these two men now gone, one has to wonder if the Eagles will go through an adjustment period and especially their secondary will be attacked more often.

Fantasy Football Information on the Eagles Defense

Right now I would only select the Eagles defense as a late round back up in fantasy football drafts. It is going to be hard enough to lose the two most influential men on this defense for the past 10 years or so, let alone to cope with the loss of Johnson.

The Eagles do still have a very talented defense and I’m sure they will run a base defense that is exactly like that of Jim Johnson’s style. But none the less it is going to be hard to trust this defense week in and week out from a fantasy perspective right now.

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