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Fantasy Football Info: DeSean Jackson is a Rising Fantasy Star

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals

Last year DeSean Jackson proved why he should have been a first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft. Many fantasy football leagues didn’t even draft Jackson as he quickly became a hot pickup before the second week of the season.

While DeSean is a very talented player I can’t fault teams for passing on a player that was so undersized coming into the draft. Jackson stands in at a small frame of 5’10 and only 175 pounds. With a frame this small it has to make people wonder if he could take consistent punishment at the pro level and still stay in the game.

With 22 receptions in his first four games of the season (5.5 receptions a game average) Jackson showed us all that he was up to the challenge of playing in the NFL.

While Jackson’s rookie season was a success, some would argue that this success happened even before the season began. Until DeSean came along, head coach Andy Reid was open about his feelings of rookie receivers not being starters in the NFL. But once he saw Jackson in OTA’s and in spring training games, he knew this kid was ready to start right away.

Not only did Jackson start for the Eagles, he was also their most productive receiver and top play maker in the passing game.

Beyond his success in the offense, DeSean also proved to be a dangerous weapon for the special teams game (and fantasy owners with the Eagles D/ST) as he excelled in returning the football.

Taking Another Step in 2009


This off-season the Eagles have been raving about how good DeSean has looked so far. Jackson has had the best camp of all the receivers and that includes first round pick Jeremy Maclin.

With plans to expand Jackson’s role in the offense it has lead some in the Eagles camp to consider using Maclin as the return man. This would allow Jackson to work only as a receiver as he is the unquestioned No.1 receiver on the team.

For my money I would welcome Jackson leaving the return game as I believe it would allow DeSean to become a more productive fantasy football receiver for the ’09 season and years to come.

While I do believe that Jackson is primed to improve on his rookie totals of 62 receptions and 912 yards receiving, I do wonder just how many touchdowns he will have.

Jackson only totaled two receiving touchdowns last season and with his smaller frame he might never be a good option for six in this league.

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
Granted the weeks he does scoring it will be big if you are in a fantasy league that give points for the distance of the touchdown and not just six points no matter the distance. But as we found out last year if Jackson does in fact struggle in this department, it will leave fantasy owners a little frustrated from week to week.

Another style of league that Jackson could end up being more profitable then standard leagues is in PPR (points per receipt ion) leagues. I view DeSean as a strong option to put up 80 plus receipt ions every season from now on as long as Donovan McNabb is on the field.

Fantasy Football Information for DeSean Jackson
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At this point in time I truly believe that you need to understand your league scoring rules to evaluate this receiver for your league. As mentioned before I see Jackson as a nice strong No.2 receiver (in 12 team leagues) for your fantasy football team in leagues with performance based touchdowns and PPR leagues.

As for more standard scoring formats he is probably just a very standard No. 3 receiver for your team.

At this point in time we all need to see Jackson convert a higher amount of touchdowns and be consistent with his scoring before he can truly be a top 15 fantasy receiver for the 2010 season and beyond.

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