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Fantasy Football Info: Lets Face It….Brett Favre is a Viking

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

For all you internet “trolls” out there I’m sure your going to love to point out that I’m jumping the gun by saying the Brett Favre is a Viking. But lets face it this guy is going to sign with Minnesota and he will do it in the next week or so.

You might be wondering when the heck did I become so sure he was going to sign and I will tell you. It was when his doctor came out and said that Brett and the Vikings would make a good fit.

The reason I was 100% sold that Brett was signing after hearing that info, was because in this whole time Favre was saying it would depend on if his arm felt good, as to weather he would come back or not.

Even last week Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell personally worked with Brett.

Another reason I believe is that Brett’s wife is rumored to be looking to buy a condo in the area. Lets face it, Brett Favre is going to be a Viking.

Brett’s Impact on the Vikings

NFL: JAN 04 Eagles at Vikings

Once the Vikings officially sign Brett he will become an instant help to this franchises (and fantasy football owners) chances to win a super bowl (sorry Packer fans). With a legit quarterback that defenses have to respect and an arm that can get the ball down the field, the Vikings offense should run very well all season.

No doubt the player in my mind that will benefit in fantasy football most by this move will be Adrian Peterson.

While Adrian didn’t have the best fantasy season for a running back last year, he did have one heck of a season for being on a team with no respectable quarterback. True Peterson did only have ten touchdowns (that is low for a runner this good) but he will improve on those numbers this coming year.

Heck even Thomas Jones had 15 touchdowns last season with Brett, so you know Adrain should be a lock for more production.

Beyond helping out Peterson, Favre will also be an instant boost for receivers like Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice, as they both finally have a quality quarterback to work with. Look for both of these receivers to enjoy not only better receiving and touchdown totals but to have very strong yard per catch averages.

Tight End Visanthe Shiancoe will probably benefit most by having Brett when the Vikings are in the red zone. Brett loves to find his tight ends for touchdowns when he is inside the 20 yard line.

As far as the Vikings defense they will also see a bump in production because with a good quarterback running the offense, they will be on the field for less minutes every game. The reason for that is because when you have a great running game and a good passing game, your team tends to win the battle of time of possession most weeks in the NFL.

With long time consuming drives by the offense, the defense will be fresh and ready to attack the opposing teams offense with more energy.

NFL: JAN 04 Eagles at Vikings

The one player that may be hurt a little bit by Brett’s arrival (other then Sage Rosenfels) is the Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell. Reason for this is that with Brett they should now convert more drives into touchdowns rather then field goals. This means instead of fantasy football owners receiving three points, they will only receive one.

Also when Longwell does receive his field goals, chances are they will not come from long distances. If your in a fantasy football league that gives points for the farther the kick was made from, then this will hurt his value as well.

Fantasy Football Information for Brett Favre

While Brett will help just about everyone on the team be better fantasy players, Favre himself is probably only worth a backup spot in many fantasy football leagues. The main reason for this is that the Vikings should still be a run first team and they have a very good defense.

With the ability to run and the defense not allowing many points, Brett will probably be handing the football off in many third and fourth quarters, as the Vikings look to drain the clock and win the game.

That being said I do still expect Brett to have a few big fantasy scoring days throughout the season as he will feel the “itch” to throw every now and then.

On a Personal Note

I still remember going to the NFC Championship game in January of 1998 when the Packers beat my San Francisco 49ers to go to the Super Bowl (they lost to the Broncos). While I was disappointed that the 49ers lost, I still remember those dumb cheesehead fans laughing at the 49er fans and dancing on the hollowed grounds of Candlestick Park.

I say all that to say this now, I am glad that Brett is going to be a Viking. I hope this signing crushes your dreams of all those great moments when your precious Favre was in Green Bay. Go ahead and take those Favre pics off the walls at your restaurants and cry some tears.

I’m not a Vikings fan but……GO VIKINGS GO!!!!!

NFL: DEC 28 Giants at Vikings

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