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Fantasy Football Info: Peyton Manning Gets His Coaches Back

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The Colts and Peyton Manning got some big news at the end of this week from NFL head quarters, in that they have announced that consultants to a team can do what ever they please on game day.

With this information now out in the open and understood (Tom Moore and Howard Mudd have already been signed as consultants by the team) it will give Peyton and the rest of the offense a major boost.

With these two coaches now on the field by the offenses side we can all expect things to be business as usual in Indianapolis, for this great offense. Before this information broke out I thought the loss of these men was going to be devastating to this offense, for the first half of the season.

The Colts Passing Might Play More Aggressive This Season

What I like most about hearing this info is that I can now say what I’ve wanted to say about this offense all off-season. What I’ve wanted to say is that I think the Colts offense will have better stats in the passing game this season. Purchase Your Colts Peyton Manning Jersey Today!

The reason I believe this is because the Colts have now lost Tony Dungy and their defensive coordinator as well. With these losses I believe the defense will struggle more in 2009. Thus it will lead to Manning and the offense having to compensate more in the passing game to win games.

These projections excited me for this offense in 2009, until in May their coordinators retired. I must give credit to the Reddog (my dad) for he is the one that pointed out that the team would probably make these men consultants on the team and then they would coach that way.

It’s not that I doubted the great reddog, but until today I never really heard anything about that situation happening. Today is a different story and now the Colts are primed for success once again as they have their strong coaches to lean on.

Fantasy Football Information on the Colts Passing Game

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Look for Manning to move to around 4,500 passing yards and 30 plus touchdowns this season for the Colts. Some wonder if Anthony Gonzalez can fill the shoes of Marvin Harrison in Indianapolis this season.

I believe that Anthony will have a fine year, but also remember that the Colts really only “had” Harrison in name only for the past two seasons. Point is that Marvin has not played like Marvin since the teams super bowl run in 2006.

As far as Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark they are both in line to be solid players once again as the offense if primed for another solid year.

Even Joseph Addai and Donald Brown are better options as this team now will have better offensive line play.

In the end this team is now primed to no have to go through what could have been an extremely hard situation in 2009, without their long time offensive coordinators.

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