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Fantasy Football Info: Shaun Hill Should Start for the 49ers

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49ers head coach Mike Singletary announced this week that the team will not make a decision about who will start at quarterback, until the third pre-season game. The two quarterbacks that are fighting for the job are former first pick over all Alex Smith and last years starter Shaun Hill.

While it is nice to see that Smith is recovering from his shoulder problems that cost him all of last year, I will be shocked if he is the starting quarterback, come week one of the regular season.

To be flat out honest I really can’t believe the 49ers and coach Singletary have not appointed Hill as the start by this point in time already. Mainly because Shaun has flat out earned this spot by having a winning record as a starter the last two seasons.

What Else Does Hill Need To Do?

Last season Shaun Hill came in and started in the middle of the season and lead the 49ers to a 5-4 record to end the season. He also had 15 total touchdowns against 8 interceptions.

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Factor those numbers against Alex Smth who has had a losing record and has 21 total career touchdowns against 31 interceptions. Smith has also never had a season in the pros with more touchdowns then interceptions.

With this bust like effort out of Smith, I doubt Frisco fans will be happy to see this guy get the ball handed to him without earning it in the regular season.

While Shaun Hill is not the type of quarterback that will blow you away, he is a very steady quarterback that gets points on the board and wins games. With the addition of phenom rookie receiver Michael Crabtee on the team, Hill now has an even better chance to shine in the starting role.

Heck if Shaun can actually get a season of effort on the field from Vernon Davis he might take San Francisco to the playoffs.

A Ploy to Bring Out the Best

Singletary is a man of his word and I do believe he will wait until the third pre-season game to announce his starting quarterback. But in the end I feel personally that both Mike and the organization have really already made their collective minds up about who will start this year.

That starter is Shaun Hill, but the reason they have not told anyone yet is because they want the two quarterbacks to have competition to push each other to be better players. I don’t think this is the best move for this particular situation but in the end it’s not all that bad.

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At this point in time we all need to see his young talented receivers Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan prove they can get it done on the field. Hill also needs Vernon Davis to get his head out of his butt and start playing up to the capability’s he was drafted to have.

I do believe Davis is primed for a productive year with the 49ers, as I feel Mike Singletary has connected with the young man over the last year.

With a strong running back in Frank Gore and a good defense, Shaun should be viewed as a decent backup quarterback in fantasy football leagues this year. If his receivers get hot and start making big plays, then Hill could be a decent option in the second half of the season, as the 49ers play in good weather for passing year round.

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