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Fantasy Football Info: Will Marvin Harrison Play Football Again?

AFC Wild Card Game: Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers

There is on doubt that Marvin Harrison is going to be a Hall of Fame receiver at some point. Until Marvin’s knee problems in 2007, he was one of the most consistent scorers in fantasy football for years.

Harrison has posted an impressive resume in his career with over 14,000 yards receiving and 128 touchdowns. He also has compiled over 1,100 receptions as well.

For all his achievement last season was not a successful one for this heralded player as he posted only 620 yards receiving and five touchdowns. This marked his worst season (for a full year) in his career.

Indianapolis Lets Go of Harrison

With Marvin’s contract in line for a big pay day the Colts opted to release this long time star and move on. Another reason for the move was because the Colts seemed ready to let third year man Anthony Gonzalez take over in the starters role.

Since that time Harrison has been rumored to have interest from teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but no takers have actually signed Harrison.

In a recent report it is looking like Marvin is now not only unsigned but may stay that way for a long time.

In this report it is noted that fellow unemployed veterans Amani Toomer and Joe Horn are listed in higher demand then Harrison. If this reports are true then it must be because Marvin has never really recovered from his injury problems in 2007. If he had then he would surly be sign by now or at least be the top veteran in the free agent market.

How Fast Things Can Change

AFC Wild Card Game: Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers
Just two seasons ago Marvin was still a top five fantasy receiver in all fantasy drafts. But now Harrison is not even able to sign with a team in the NFL.

I still believe someone will give Harrison a chance to play but it will probably come at some point in the regular season. If Marvin can some how improve on his health and turn things around he may end up still have a few respectable seasons.

Obviously his fantasy relevance is in the tank until he can first make a team and then show people he can play at a respectable level again. Until he shows he’s back and able to start for a team, he’s not worth drafting or picking up on the waiver wire (once he is signed that is).

In the End

I hope this is not the end for Harrison as I’ve enjoy watching him play on Sundays. Oddly enough in all these years I’ve never owned Marvin on any fantasy team (owned Peyton a few times) I’ve had.

Just the same I wish Harrison a speed recovery to NFL and fantasy relevance as I hope he can play some where in 2009.

Good Luck Marvin

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