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Fantasy Football Information: 2009 NFL Bye Weeks

Fantasy Football Information 2009 NFL Bye Weeks

Fantasy Football Information: Strategy for Bye Weeks

If you’ve played fantasy football for a few years, by now you’ve probably experienced the embarrassing moment at your fantasy football draft when you look down at the end of the draft and find out your backup is on the same bye week as your stud player.

What good does it do you to have a backup that you only intended to use one time and now you can’t use him? With this sheet for the 2009 NFL Bye Weeks you now have a quick reference at your draft to use so that you don’t accidentally draft Chad Pennington as your backup to your stud fantasy quarterback Peyton Manning.

Below we have selected one player for every bye week and offer you an option for success during your fantasy star players bye week.

Week 4: Football Teams on Bye Weeks- Falcons, Eagles, Panthers and Cardinals

Fantasy Info: When Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathon Stewart or Brian Westbrook are off use Julius Jones on your fantasy football team.

Seattle Seahawks Minicamp

Week 4 marks the first week of the season that fantasy football owners have to start concerning themselves about bye weeks (thank goodness bye weeks aren’t all season long like 10 years ago). Right off the bat we have major runners that are on bye weeks.

For all of you that own these star runners listed above look for Julius Jones as a very nice option in week four of the season. Jones is not a great fantasy player and really has not been since his rookie season. But he can provide a spark and early in the season is when he tends to shine brightest, in the past few seasons.

Week 4 Julius gets a golden opportunity when he goes to Indianapolis and gets to run against the Colts woefully bad run defense. The Colts are particularly bad against runners that are good “slash and dash” type runners. Look for Julius to have one of his few really good games of the year in this week.

Week 5: Football Teams on Bye Weeks- Bears, Packers, Saints, Chargers

Fantasy Info: When Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and Phillip Rivers are on bye weeks for your fantasy football team use Brett Favre.

Yes I know I’m jumping the gun on Favre but lets face it Brett is a Viking. Once Brett Favre signs with the Vikings they will be right with the Giants and Cardinals as favorites to make the Super Bowl from the NFC.

While Brett Favre’s days of being a fantasy football star a gone he still is a good option in spots and probably will have a stretch where the Vikings will need to lean on him to win games via the pass. Week 5 is a good week to role the dice on Brett Favre, Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe as the play the Rams in St. Louis.

Week 6: Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, 49ers

Fantasy Info: When Marion Barber, Ronnie Brown, Frank Gore, Joseph Addai are on bye weeks use Cedric Benson on your fantasy football team.

Lets face it Texas Longhorn fans Benson’s career up to this point has been a horrible failure. But I do like the way he finished the season last year and he is now going the be the Bengals feature back this year.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals

Fantasy football owners are probably going to slide on all Bengal players this year as they have lost trust in this team. From Chad Ochocinco’s clowning around to Carson Palmer’s arm, it is hard to pull the trigger on players in Cincinnati. But in week 6, Cedric Benson gets a very nice match up against the Houston Texans and should do well for your fantasy football teams.

Week 7: Baltimore, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Titans

When Ray Rice, Le’Ron McClain, Kevin Smith, Knowshon Moreno, Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson are on bye weeks use Jamal Lewis for your fantasy football team.

Ok, I know I’ve used a lot of examples for running backs but lets face it runners are the heart and sole of just about every fantasy football team around. It’s not as hard to take a flair shot on a receiver or passing offense that has a hot hand, but it does take a little more sometimes to maintain a good running game. In the end their is a reason we all draft running backs so high at our respective fantasy drafts and that is because when they are gone they are gone.

Moving forward Jamal Lewis and the Cleveland Browns are in a similar situation as the Bengals. Fantasy football owners lost trust in this team and their ability’s to help a fantasy team. But Jamal is still a good option in spots and week 7 is one of those weeks that Lewis will be worth stashing on your team, as your top backup runner.

NFL: NOV 17 Browns at Bills

Week seven Jamal Lewis gets to face the Green Bay Packers and their bad run defense. True the Packers did draft a defensive tackle with the 9th pick overall at the NFL draft in B.J. Raji, but at this point in time Raji may not even start.

If it is true that Raji is not going to start and will just rotate in a defensive package, I will consider him a potential early bust draft pick. Either way the Packers have a lot to prove as far as stopping the run after finishing 26th against the run last year. Use Lewis and expect a fine week as your fantasy stud runner(s) are off on a bye week.

Week 8: Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Buccaneers, Redskins

Fantasy Info: Chad Ochocinco, Lavernious Coles, Dwayne Bowe, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Bryant and Santana Moss are on bye weeks use Michael Jenkins or Mushin Muhammed.

Since their are so many fantasy football receivers out on bye weeks in week 8 I choose two different receivers to keep in mind at this point of the season. Michael Jenkins is now the third option on the Falcons in the passing game behind Roddy White and tight end Tony Gonzalez. But in week 8 the Falcons will have a major shoot out against the New Orleans Saints and Marques Coltson.

In a game like this I like Jenkins as the Falcons will play a secondary that is just not very good and Matt Ryan should make them pay all day. Look for Jenkins as a nice option in this key game for both teams.

Mushin Muhammed and the Carolina Panthers have had this week circled on their calendar since the NFL schedule came out. This is the week they will look to get some revenge against the Arizona Cardinals. Look for Jake Delhomme and the boys to show they are much, much better then the way they played this team in the playoffs.

Week 9: Bills, Vikings, Jets, Raiders and Rams

Fantasy Info: When Marshawn Lynch, Adrain Peterson, Thomas Jones, Darren McFadden and Steven Jackson are on bye weeks use Willie Parker for your fantasy football team.

In the coming days I will be writing an article about Willie and why he is just not a fantasy starter for your fantasy football team every week. But in week 9 he makes for a very good start as key fantasy stars will be on bye weeks.

The Steelers will play the Denver Broncos and Parker should be able to run well over 100 yards in this game. He may even break you a long touchdown run as the Broncos are a very bad defense and that won’t change in 2009.

Week 10: Texans, Giants

Fantasy Info: When Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Steve Slaton, Matt Schaub and Brandon Jacobs are on bye weeks use Marc Bulger, Earl Bennett or Fred Taylor.

Since this week only has two teams on bye weeks I felt is was a good week to recommend one quarterback, running back and receiver for you to use. In some ways this might be the most important week for bye weeks in head to head leagues. The reason being is that there is a good chance you will be playing a fantasy football owner that is fully done with their respective bye weeks and you will have to face them at full strength.

You on the other hand would be down one or two of your key stars and this gives your opponent a clear advantage.

Marc Bulger is the kind of quarterback that probably makes everyone in fantasy football throw up and that includes Rams fans. But in Marc’s defense he has suffered mostly from and very bad offensive line the last three seasons. Sure some of the reason was because of injury, but the long and short of this situation is that Rams o-line is better.

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams
In week 10 Marc gets a very good opportunity as the Rams face the New Orleans Saints. In a game like this is when Marc should have some time to throw the ball and his young talented receivers can take advantage of the Saints sorry secondary.

For receiver help I have selected Chicago Bears receiver Earl Bennett as a good option in week 10. Earl may be even more valuable then just week 10 as he faces from week 4 through week 10 the schedule below.

week 4 – Lions
week 5- bye week
week 6- at Falcons
week 7- at Bengals
week 8- Browns
week 9- Cardinals
week 10- at 49ers

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks

All of those options (week 5 excluded of course) are good option for using Earl as a starting receiver. This makes Bennett probably the best receiver in the league (schedule wise) to count on as a backup receiver on your fantasy football team.

Fred Taylor is the runner I selected as a good backup option in week 10 as the Patriots face their arch rivals in the Indianapolis Colts. Obviously by this point of the season you will probably have a good idea how the Patriots will use their hand full of running backs.

But in my opinion New England did not bring in Fred for nothing and I do believe he will receive the largest bulk of the running load on the team for 2009. Fred has a history of shredding the Colts when he played with the Jaguars, so look for Taylor to be used in a big way as this match up kicks off.

Hope fully this information has been helpful for you. Also just so everyone knows the team will be bringing information every week during the season on pickup and starting options for your fantasy football team. So if you have any questions or concerns feel free and come back to the fantasy-info site and get the info you need.

We also have a blog talk radio show that we run every Friday night at 9:30 pm pacific coast time. Feel free to call in and as any questions you may have as well.

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