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Fantasy Info: Errick Ricky Williams Is Truly One Of a Kind

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To say that Ricky Williams is a free spirit is probably not giving Ricky enough credit for his decisions in life. From Mike Ditka and Williams dressing up as husband and wife (Ricky was the blushing bride) to leaving the game to smoke weed around the world.

This free bird has done things that make headlines and just when you thought he was coming back into the fold of society, he goes and does something new.

Ricky’s latest interest is to be a message therapist after he leaves the game of football. Not only is he considering this new endeavor he is actually going to college to get an education in this field. While I personally find it odd that a big physical football player would do this, I do give Ricky credit for doing something legal for a living.

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News that Williams is perusing a new career and is considering retirement after his contract ends next season is not the only news that has broke on this big man. For now Ricky goes by his true first name Errick as he looks to change careers.

Losing a Step and Seeing the Light

Last year at this time Bill Parcels and the Dolphins coaching staff raved about how good Williams was playing. But this off-season is a different story as word out of Miami is that Ricky (or Errick) has lost a step.

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Williams is now 32 years old and has two years remaining on his contract. Considering that he lost just about all his money from the earlier part of his career, after fleeing the country, Ricky will probably honor the rest of his deal.

Last year at this time Ronnie Brown was still recovering form a torn acl and was projected to split time will Ricky. This made a lot of sense as most runners don’t return from acl surgery and play at full strength until the second year after the injury.

But this year is a different story for Brown, as he has looked like his old self in camp and is in a contract season of his own.

With Ricky losing a step and now openly focusing on a new career, one has to feel that the show is now Browns in 2009.

Fantasy Football Information for Ricky Williams

Lets face it Ricky Williams true fantasy dominance went out the window a long time ago. But I do believe he could potentially have a nice stretch run at some point this season.

The reason I say this is because the Dolphins have a good team and a very nice offensive line to run behind. While Ronnie Brown should be the feature runner, he has not proven he can handle the ball 300 plus times in any season.

If Brown should break down again and leave the door open, Ricky would come in with fresh legs and could have a nice end of the season for the Dolphins.

At this point in time Sticky Icky Errick Ricky is not worth drafting in just about every fantasy football draft known to man. But keep an eye out on Browns health as the season moves on and if you need a runner to help you out, Ricky could help in a pinch.

That is of course before he retires and enjoys a long career of giving his ex-teammates a dare I say……….rub down.

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