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CBS Sportsline Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Head To Head Leagues

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Fantasy Football Info- 2009 CBS Sportsline Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information on CBS Sportsline Standard Football Leagues

NFC Wild Card Game: Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals

Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn’t find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football. It doesn’t matter if you play a standard league in CBS Sportsline, Yahoo, Fox sport, or ESPN we have a cheat sheet for every site that is specifically ranked for that sites standard scoring system. This particular article is on our CBS Sportsline standard league cheat sheet that is available to you for free download. In the cheat sheet above we hope that it helps you make informed decisions when drafting your team. Beyond just providing a sound list to go off of we also understand it is hard when you draft your live team online and have trouble remembering which player was taken. Now with a cheat sheet in your hand you can mark off the players that are going and have it right in front of you. This helps when you have to flip back and forth between different positions and you only have so long before you can select your next player. If you would like to find out what the standard scoring is for CBS Sportsline and the other four major sites, we have those available on the link below. Fantasy Info: Internet Fantasy Football Standards 2009 Below we have listed one player from every position and why we feel that player is primed for a good year in CBS Sportsline standard scoring leagues. Quarterbacks In a CBS Sportsline fantasy football league it is kind of like and Fox Sports leagues in that you get 6 points for every touchdown pass and -2 points for every interception. This means you want to find quarterbacks that not only can make a high touchdown total but also do not throw a lot of interceptions. Phillip Rivers – While I do believe that LT will get his this season and especially in the touchdown department, Rivers is primed for another solid year in San Diego.Purchase Your Chargers Phillip Rivers Jersey Today! With a great passing core in Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and so many others it seems that Phillip has an endless supply of talent to throw too. Expect Rivers to maintain a good passing load in 2oo9 as the Chargers look to keep LT fresh and they don’t really have a solid ball career behind him. Rivers makes for a very nice 5th round selection in a 12 team league this year at your CBS Sportsline fantasy football draft. Running Back Just about every major standard online league has the same standard scoring system for runners, receivers and tight ends. What this means is that it does not matter how long your touchdowns comes from, it could be a 60 yard bomb or a 1 yard touchdown plunge, you still get 6 points for the score. In some ways you could say that these leagues are even more important to have players that accumulate good yardage totals. Chris “Beanie” Wells– This rookie is primed to be the starter at some point this season. In my mind it will be sooner rather then later as Tim Hightower had only a 2.8 yards per carry last season. While Hightower did have 10 touchdowns last year, it will be Wells that receives the lions share of the load this season at the goal line. The more the news comes out that Tim will start the year, Beanie’s stock will drop. How ever this only means that you as a fantasy football owner can get him cheaper. At the end of the day this kid will make a run at rookie of the year and be the start for the Arizona Cardinals. Right now he makes for a good 6th round pick, but if he should be named the starter he could go as high as the 4th round this year in CBS Sportline drafts. Wide Receivers Roy Williams – Just recently the fantasy info team had a debate on our radio show if Roy would be a productive receiver this year. While he has disappointed fantasy football owners the past two seasons, I believe this is a good year to have Williams on your team.

NFL: JUN 15 Cowboys Minicamp

Roy and Tony Romo need this season very badly to get their respective careers back on track. Look for Williams to accumulate a very nice season of 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns.

I would consider taking Roy as high as the 5th round of your CBS Sportsline fantasy football draft, if you start seeing Romo and Williams connecting in the pre-season.

Tight End

Chris Cooley – This Redskins tight end has been a solid fantasy performer for a few seasons now, but last year Chris disappointed the fantasy football world when he only scored one touchdown.

This off-season Cooley quarterback Jason Campbell has taken a lot of heat for not being the quarterback that management expected him to be. I believe Jason will respond this season and have a good year for the Redskins.

With a high production of play from the quarterback, expect Cooley’s touchdown totals to return to at least six in the coming season.

Washington Redskins v San Francisco 49ers While Cooley will still be ranked as a top 6 fantasy tight end, most CBS Sportsline fantasy football owners will have a hard time pulling the trigger come draft day, because of last year TD totals. Don’t let that happen to you as he will make for a fine middle round selection on draft day. Kickers Kris Brown – I have noted all off-season that I believe the Texans are primed for a solid fantasy season in 2009. Expect Brown to take his numbers to another level this year as Houston is primed to put a lot of points on the board.

NFL: DEC 28 Bears at Texans

With a high octane offense and most fantasy football owners sleeping on Brown, you should be able to get him in the late rounds of your fantasy football draft.

Defenses and ST

CBS Sportsline is by far the highest scoring format of all the big online fantasy sites on the internet. Not only do they give the standard points for touchdowns or points for shutouts, they also give points for total yardage the defense gives up.

This is an option for points that you don’t find in the other site and thus makes a good defense more important and they need to be picked a little higher.

Vikings – This defense could be the best in the fantasy football business once Brett Favre comes to town. With a solid quarterback and a great team overall, the Vikings defense has the ability to dominate all season long.

Minnesota Vikings v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The only concern right now is if the “Williams Wall” will miss four games at any time this year for their Star Caps court case against the NFL. We will all find out a bit more on this situation in August, but as it stands right now it looks like the big boys are primed to play the first eight games or so without suspension.

Good Luck in your CBS Sportline fantasy football league this year.

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