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Fantasy Info: ESPN Cheat Sheet for Football Leagues

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Fantasy Football Info- 2009 ESPN Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information on ESPN Standard Football Leagues

NFL: NOV 24 Packers at Saints

Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn’t find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football.

It doesn’t matter if you play a standard league in ESPN, Yahoo, Fox sport, CBS sportsline or we have a cheat sheet for every site that is specifically ranked for that sites standard scoring system.

This particular article is on our ESPN standard league cheat sheet that is available to you for free download. In the cheat sheet above we hope that it helps you make informed decisions when drafting your team.

Beyond just providing a sound list to go off of we also understand it is hard when you draft your live team online and have trouble remembering which player was taken. Now with a cheat sheet in your hand you can mark off the players that are going and have it right in front of you.

This helps when you have to flip back and forth between different positions and you only have so long before you can select your next player.

If you would like to find out what the standard scoring is for ESPN and the other four major sites, we have those available on the link below.

Fantasy Info: Internet Fantasy Football Standards 2009

Below we have listed one player from every position and why we feel that player is primed for a good year in ESPN standard scoring leagues.


For quarterback scoring ESPN and Yahoo are the lowest point totals in terms of touchdown to interception ratio. For these leagues you get 4 points for every touchdown pass and -1 point for every interception.

What this tells me is that you might want to consider going for a quarterback that is in an aggressive passing offense as you will need more yardage from your quarterback to have them pay off.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

Donovan McNabb – While McNabb is a very talented pro bowl quarterback he has suffered from not having a true No.1 receiver on his team for most of his career.

But now he is starting to pick up some young talent at the position in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Beret Celek. With these targets and now Brian Westbrook still banged up, the Eagles will need to throw the football early and often this season.

It also helps McNabb that he has a strong offensive line once again with solid off-season transitions to help protect him.

At the end of the day you will be able to get McNabb at a very reasonable price at your ESPN fantasy football draft. He’s not one of the top 5 quarterbacks at the draft but he is one of the top 10.

Running Backs

Just about every major standard online league has the same standard scoring system for runners, receivers and tight ends.

What this means is that it does not matter how long your touchdowns comes from, it could be a 60 yard bomb or a 1 yard touchdown plunge, you still get 6 points for the score. In some ways you could say that these leagues are even more important to have players that accumulate good yardage totals.

Ronnie Brown – Lets face it other then a 6 game stretch in 2007 and a couple of games last year, Ronnie Brown has been a disappointment in football. Brown was the second overall pick at the 2005 NFL draft and has yet to prove that he can run for an entire season.

How ever this season Brown may very well have a career year as he is in line for a new contract at the end of the season. This beast will also benefit from being two years removed from his knee injury.

Look for Brown as a very nice 2nd round pick at your ESPN fantasy football draft.

Wide Receivers

Bernard Berrian – This receiver is primed to get a bump in value once Brett Favre announces he wil play for the Vikings. With Brett on the team he now has a legit quarterback to get him the football down the field.


NFL: NOV 30 Bears at Vikings

Berrian will benefit most in leagues that give an added bonus points for the distance on the touchdowns as he will catch some bombs this year. But he will still be a very effective receiver in any league in fantasy football.

Look for Berrian as a nice 4th or 5th round option at your ESPN fantasy football draft.

Tight Ends

Vernon Davis – Ok, ok I know you are all tired of hearing about how Vernon will have a good fantasy football season. It seems that every year fantasy football writers come out and say that this kid is primed for a good year for your ESPN fantasy team.

NFL Football: 49ers vs. Rams NOV 16

But last year I believe Davis got what he needed most and that was a swift kick to the rear. Head coach Mike Singletary flat out embarrassed this guy and Davis in my opinion needed it to wake him up.

Look for Davis as a nice late round pick at your ESPN fantasy draft this season.


Nick Folk – This kicker might have been my No.1 kicker ranked this season if he didn’t have minor hip surgery in May. It looks like Folk will be ready to role when the season begins so look for this kicker to excel in Dallas.

NFL: DEC 20 Ravens at Cowboys
The Cowboys should still put points on the board and this kicker is primed to capitalize on the teams solid offense.

Take Folk as one of the top 5 kickers off the board in your ESPN fantasy football league and he will do well for you.

Defense and ST

Watch out for ESPN leagues when it comes to match ups with your defense. They penalize you by far the hardest points against your fantasy team if they get scored on very bad. If you defense gives up 35 to 45 points you lose -4 points and if it’s over 46 points given up you lose -10!

NFL: DEC 21 Panthers at Giants

Giants – The Giants defense was one of the best last season and now they will have Osi Umenyiora back as a dominant pass rusher. Not to also add that their young secondary is now at an age that they can execute at a high level.

Look for the Giants as a top end defense in fantasy football and draft them in the mid rounds of your fantasy draft.

Good luck in your ESPN league in 2009 and we wish you all the success for this season and beyond.

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