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Fantasy Football: Fox Sports Cheat Sheet H2H Leagues

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Fantasy Football Info- 2009 Fox Sports Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information on Fox Sports Standard Football Leagues

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers

Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn’t find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football.

It doesn’t matter if you play a standard league in Fox Sports, Yahoo,, CBS sportsline or ESPN we have a cheat sheet for every site that is specifically ranked for that sites standard scoring system. This particular article is on our Fox Sports standard league cheat sheet that is available to you for free download. In the cheat sheet above we hope that it helps you make informed decisions when drafting your team. Beyond just providing a sound list to go off of we also understand it is hard when you draft your live team online and have trouble remembering which player was taken. Now with a cheat sheet in your hand you can mark off the players that are going and have it right in front of you. This helps when you have to flip back and forth between different positions and you only have so long before you can select your next player. If you would like to find out what the standard scoring is for Fox Sports and the other four major sites, we have those available on the link below. Fantasy Info: Internet Fantasy Football Standards 2009 Below we have listed one player from every position and why we feel that player is primed for a good year in Fox Sports standard scoring leagues. Quarterbacks In a Fox Sports fantasy football league it is kind of like and CBS sportsline leagues in that you get 6 points for every touchdown pass and -2 points for every interception. This means you want to find quarterbacks that not only can make a high touchdown total but also do not throw a lot of interceptions.

NFL: DEC 07 Falcons at Saints

Drew Brees – Ok I know this one is an easy one to rank and say he will do well seeing that he’s the top ranked quarterback on just about every fantasy football site. But at the same time it is still worth jotting down that Drew is a very good touchdown maker.

With 34 touchdowns he more then makes up for the 17 interceptions he posted in the 2008 season. It also doesn’t hurt when the guy posted over 5,000 passing yards on the season as well.

Drew makes for a very solid second round pick (maybe in first round) in most 12 team formats for fantasy football. Draft Drew and know that you have a stud in your hands.

Running Backs
Just about every major standard online league has the same standard scoring system for runners, receivers and tight ends. What this means is that it does not matter how long your touchdowns comes from, it could be a 60 yard bomb or a 1 yard touchdown plunge, you still get 6 points for the score. In some ways you could say that these leagues are even more important to have players that accumulate good yardage totals.

Steve Slaton – This young player might have been thought to be undersized coming out of West Virgina but he proved his doubter wrong when the 2008 season kicked off. Slaton also proved that he could handle the load for a full season as a rookie, which is quite impressive.

Some feel he may be headed for a down year but not in our opinion. Look for Steve to have a very solid season as he is in one of the best fantasy offenses in football.

Steve makes for a fine mid first round selection in just about every fantasy draft this year.

Wide Receivers

Braylon Edwards – Oh no I dropped the BE bomb!! Well I’m going to come out and say that I believe Braylon will bounce back and have a good year this season for the Browns. I like the way this young receiver has handled all the trade rumors in the off-season.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Look for Brady Quinn to start at quarterback and for Edwards to get his career back on track with a good season of 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2009. Edwards makes for a very solid 5th round pick in your fantasy football draft on Fox Sports. Tight Ends Dallas Clark – With Marvin Harrison out of the picture and Anthony Gonzalez still needing to prove himself as a starter, look for Peyton Manning to go to Clark more often. This tight enPurchase Your Colts Dallas Clark Jersey Today!d has been a favorite of Manning’s ever since he came out of Iowa. Dallas should be primed for a season of 850 yards receiving and should make a strong run towards 8 or 9 touchdowns in 2009. Look for Dallas as a nice mid round pick at your Fox Sports fantasy football draft. Kickers Josh Brown – In Fox Sports they are like other basic scoring systems for kickers except for one difference and that is they give 6 points for 60 yard kicks instead of 5.

NFL: Dolphins vs Rams NOV 30

While it is true that if a kicker is lucky they may get one field goal from that range in a career, Josh Brown is just the kind of guy to kick from that distance. Now that Brown is in St. Louis he will enjoy as very nice career of long ball field goals in the prime of his career.

Look for Brown as a very nice late round kicker for your Fox Sports fantasy football team.

Defense and ST

Fox Sports allows the most points for shut outs of any of the top five major fantasy football sites. They award 12 points for any shutout. But watch out as they also like to penalize you for you defense giving up a lot of points as well.

Super Bowl XLIII
Steelers – In a league like this you want to make sure you have a defense that not only has to potential to shut a team out but also will not give up big days. The Steelers defense is such a team as they were the N0.1 defense last year and willed their team to a Super Bowl Championship.

Look for the Steelers as a good mid round pick at your fox sports fantasy football stander league draft.

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