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Fantasy Football Info- 2009 Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information on Standard Football Leagues

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn’t find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football. It doesn’t matter if you play a standard league in, Yahoo, Fox sport, CBS sportsline or ESPN we have a cheat sheet for every site that is specifically ranked for that sites standard scoring system. This particular article is on our standard league cheat sheet that is available to you for free download. In the cheat sheet above we hope that it helps you make informed decisions when drafting your team on Beyond just providing a sound list to go off of we also understand it is hard when you draft your live team online and have trouble remembering which player were taken. Now with a cheat sheet in your hand you can mark off the players that are going off the board and have it right in front of you. This helps when you have to flip back and forth between different player positions on the site and you only have so long before you can select your next player. If you would like to find out what the standard scoring is for and the other four major sites, we have those available on the link below. Fantasy Info: Internet Fantasy Football Standards 2009 Below we have listed one player from every position and why we feel that player is primed for a good year in standard scoring leagues. Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers– In an league it is kind of like Fox Sports and CBS sportsline leagues in that you get 6 points for every touchdown pass and -2 points for every interception. This means you want to find quarterbacks that not only can make a high touchdown total but also do not throw a lot of interceptions. Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Rodgers had a total of 32 touchdowns last year and only throw 13 interception in his first year as a starting quarterback. Those are very impressive numbers for a player that is just starting out in his playing career.

Look for Rodgers as high as the 3rd or 4th round in 12 team leagues this coming season for your league.

Running Backs

Just about every major standard online league has the same standard scoring system for runners, receivers and tight ends.

What this means is that it does not matter how long your touchdowns comes from, it could be a 60 yard bomb or a 1 yard touchdown plunge, you still get 6 points for the score. In some ways you could say that these leagues are even more important to have players that accumulate good yardage totals.

Maurice Jones-Drew– We have all waited for this running back to be the star and the feature player. Now that Fred Taylor has left town, Jones-Drew has the full opportunity to succeed on the ground and in the receiving game as well.

No one needs to questions Maurice’s ability to get into the end zone as he has accumulated 38 touchdowns in his first three season in the league! That is an amazing start for a players career. Wide Receivers T.J. Houshmandzadeh – Other then Houshmandzdeh’s down year a season ago without Carson Palmer on the field, this receiver has been very solid. He is not a game breaker like Randy Moss but he is a very good standard league scoring internet league receiver. Look for Housh to bounce back this season and have a 100 catches, 1,250 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2009. Tight Ends NFL: DEC 28 Bears at Texans

Greg Olsen – This tight end is primed for a great season with his new quarterback Jay Cutler at the helm. Olsen improved his numbers from his rookie season last year with over 50 catches and 5 touchdowns.

Look for this talented tight end to make the pro bowl as he accumulates over 70 catches and makes a run at a 1,000 yards receiving.


Out of the big five fantasy sites for standard fantasy football play, and CBS sportsline offer the lowest point scoring structure for kickers. At this point in time they give only 3 points to a kicker for field goals of 49 yards or less. But they do give 5 points for 50 yard plus field goals and that is standard for all leagues.

Stephin Gostkowski– This field goal kicker may not blow you away with a bunch of long bomb field goals, but he is the most steady kicker in the game. A big part of this is because he is on the Patriots and they put a lot of points.

What is also nice about a kicker like this is that his team tends to score just about every week, so you can count on him for consistency throughout the season.

Defense and ST

Baltimore Raves v Pittsburgh Steelers

At first glance the scoring system for defenses is probably the weakest of the top 5 sites. But at the same time they do not penalize your team in points if your defense gives up to many points.

This is nice because it takes away from the worry that you could lose points just because the team gave up 28 points that week.

Ravens- Look for the Ravens to have another fine season as Ray Lewis gets another year older. This defense will be greatly helped by their offenses massive offensive line and quality running game.

With the ability to stuff the run and a new found success against the pass, look for the Ravens to have a fine season for your fantasy football team.

Good luck in your league in 2009 and we wish you all the success for this season and beyond.

Fantasy Football Information Writer Sean E. Douglas-

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Comments (5)

  • Anonymous

    I would like to nkow if it is necessary to carry a second defense for when they have their bye-week….. I am new to fantasy football and could not find any info about that.

  • Sean Douglas- fantasy-info

    If you have a hot defense for 2009 then run with them as your only defense. Pick a defense when you need one the week of you bye as you won't need a second again "if" you have an elite defense for this particular season.

    True their are defenses like the Steelers, Giants and Ravens that have good year just about every year in fantasy.

    But even those defense can have years where its a good idea to start someone else when they play a very good offense.

    For now if you get a defense in your draft that you personally feel strong about them having a great year, I say role with that defense the first month of the season.

    If it's looking like they are a team that is playing below what you thought they would (for example the Chargers defense was below everyone's expectations last year) Then you will want to find a defense with a "hot hand" coming out of the first month.

    As you get deeper into the season it will be more predictable which defense are strong and which are weak for the rest of the year.

    I know this is a long winded reply so sorry if it doesn't all make sense for you as a new fantasy player.

    In the end I think your right in the belief that you really only need one good defense. Early in the season and at your draft you might be better off filling your roster with "sleepers" that may break out for big years.

  • Anonymous

    First let me say thank-you very much for the info and everything was clear to me …. the fantasy league I am going with is the one on….. from what you have said I am guessing that I will be able to pick up another defense automatically when my team is on their bye week??

  • Anonymous

    I dont know if my last comment went through so I am going to try again… Thank you very much for the info and I am playing fantasy football and what I am wondering is will it let me automatically pick a defense for teams bye-week and how it works if I need to drop someone or not or if it is a 1 week thing??

  • Sean Douglas- fantasy-info

    Yes your first comment did go in fine. Because of some people putting up matterial that is un-fit for this site and very explisit we now review all comments on the site before posting. It sucks but at the end of the day you just have some people in life that mess up the party.

    Most fantasy football leagues allow you to have waiver pickups every week during the season.

    If your in a standard internet league usually you can pick up players for the next week until Wednesday or even later (later in the year weeks start on thursdays because they have thurday games on the NFL channel)

    For the most part you can always pick another defense up a week or two ahead of time, like wise with your kicker situation as well.

    One way to see how waivers work in your league is you can read the waiver rules before the season starts. Or you can just watch what other teams are doing for their waivers and follow along.

    Best advice I can give you is give your self the first season to understand how your league works and what style of players fit best in the rule of your league.

    Good Luck in 2009

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