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Fantasy Football Info- 2009 Yahoo Football Cheat Sheet
Fantasy Football Information on Yahoo Standard Football Leagues

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn’t find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy football. It doesn’t matter if you play a standard league in Yahoo,, Fox sports, CBS Sportsline or ESPN we have a cheat sheet for every site that is specifically ranked for that sites standard scoring system. This particular article is on our Yahoo standard league cheat sheet that is available to you for free download. In the cheat sheet above we hope that it helps you make informed decisions when drafting your team. Beyond just providing a sound list to go off of we also understand it is hard when you draft your live team online and have trouble remembering which player was taken. Now with a cheat sheet in your hand you can mark off the players that are going and have it right in front of you. This helps when you have to flip back and forth between different positions and you only have so long before you can select your next player. If you would like to find out what the standard scoring is for Yahoo and the other four major sites, we have those available on the link below. Fantasy Info: Internet Fantasy Football Standards 2009 Below we have listed one player from every position and why we feel that player is primed for a good year in Yahoo standard scoring leagues. Quarterbacks Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders

For quarterback scoring Yahoo and ESPN are the lowest point totals in terms of touchdown to interception ratio. For these leagues you get 4 points for every touchdown pass and -1 point for every interception.

What this tells me is that you might want to consider going for a quarterback that is in an aggressive passing offense as you will need more yardage from your quarterback to have them pay off.

Matt Schaub – I have been very surprised to see how far down some fantasy football magazines had Schaub coming into this year. Not doubt his health is a concern but man is this offense primed for big things in 2009.

With a supporting cast of Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels and Steve Slaton, look for the Texans to run an aggressive offense this year. One reason to believe that Schaub will stay healthy is that the Texans offensive line is now becoming a respectable line. They definitely have a top 12 line this season and are under rated in that category.

Look for Matt as a steal in the mid rounds of your fantasy football draft on Yahoo.

Running Backs

Just about every major standard online league has the same standard scoring system for runners, receivers and tight ends.

What this means is that it does not matter how long your touchdowns comes from, it could be a 60 yard bomb or a 1 yard touchdown plunge, you still get 6 points for the score. In some ways you could say that these leagues are even more important to have players that accumulate good yardage totals.
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Frank Gore – Ok, I know that Frank has been a solid runner in fantasy for a couple season now. But it seem like when people talk about the top 10 runners in fantasy football, Gore is the runner that always seems to be inconveniently left out.

This year the 49ers are primed to contend for the NFC Western title and while I believe they are still a year away, this team is getting solid around Frank again. In 2006 Gore lite the fantasy football world on fire with 2,180 all purpose yards and 9 touchdowns.

Their is not doubt in my mind that Gore is a very attractive player for your fantasy football teams No.1 pick. Take him and enjoy.

Wide Receivers

Dwayne Bowe – Some feel that Bowe will struggle this season because of star tight end Tony Gonzalez’s departure to the Atlanta Falcons.

While I can see peoples point about that loss and how defense will focus more on Dwayne, I still believe he is just to good to not have a solid year in 2009. This will be Bowe’s third year as a wide receiver and that is a key season in a young pass catchers carrier.

Many receivers tend to breakout for big years in their third season and Bowe will have every chance to do just that in this offense.

Tight End

John Carlson – This Seattle tight end had a good year in his rookie season with the Seahawks. That season was spent without Matt Hasselbeck for most of the year as he was injured.

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks in Seattle

But now Matt is back and looking good and with new wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the team, it will allow Carlson to run free in the middle of the field. Look for John at a nice value at your fantasy football draft in the later rounds. Kickers Yahoo has a very standard scoring system for kickers as you receive 3 points for field goals of 39 yards or less. You receive 4 points for field goals of 40-49 yards and 5 points for anything over 50. Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans

Rob Bironas– We have Bironas as our No. 1 kicker on our boards and you should as well. The Titans are a perfect team for a kicker like this because they often close in every game and have decent weather year round.

Defenses and ST

For Yahoo leagues defenses get decent points for holding teams to low points against but watch out as they give you minus points for the defense giving up a lot of points in any game.

While losing points is relatively standard in most of the major online sites for fantasy football, one must avoid hard match ups in the defenses schedule, that is unless you have one of the best defenses for that year.

San Diego Chargers v Indianapolis Colts

Chargers– The Chargers defense is a interesting pick for this season. They were a bad defense last year and need to have Shawn Merriman on the field to really be good. I wouldn’t recommend drafting them until the late rounds of your draft, but remember this defense was a fantasy stud just two years ago.

Most of the defense today is the same as it was two years ago, so look for a possible rebound in 2009. If they can find their grove again then the Chargers are in a very interesting division this year.

With changes happening all over the division, look for the Chargers defense to capitalize on their division foes when they are not on the same page and make mistakes. This defense is primed and built to disrupt and make plays when they are right.

Look for the Chargers as a late round pick and you may be very happy with this selection all year long.

Here’s wishing you success in your Yahoo fantasy football league in 2009

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