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Fantasy Info: Chad Ochocinco is Using Twitter as the New Rebel Yell

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If one is going to write about fantasy football or the NFL they must except the fact that they will have to talk about Mr. Chad Ochocinco. Seeing that I actually like Chad this is not a difficult thing for me to do.

Chad has done some interesting things in his career with the Bengals, from wearing hall of fame jackets to blond mo hawks. The rebel has always pushed the envelope and the NFL front offices buttons over the years.

In his latest news Chad has come out and vowed to us the new networking sensation called “twitter” to communicate with friends and fans during the NFL games.

Since imparting this information to the public the NFL has come out and told the world that their will be a ban against any networking during games. The league backed this ban by saying that they already had a ban in place for no phones or hand held devices on the field during games.

Of course this news did not stop Chad as he has already come back in the press and told the league that he is going to “tweet” during games and does not care what they say.

What Are Rules to a Rebel?

rebel (rebəl; for v. ri bel)


  1. one who engages in armed resistance against the established government of one’s country
  2. a person who resists any authority or controls


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To give a set form of rules to a rebel is like telling Terrell Owens to be a good little boy. In the end not only will that person or persons not follow your rules but they will make a point to defy you even more then they would have originally.

Chad Ochocinco is no different then most rebels in that he will push the envelope just to see how far he can go. What I like about Chad is that he does it all in fun and takes things light.

True many have argued and still do today that because Chad does these things they are a distraction to the team and he is not preparing for success in the NFL. While I do think their is something to that, I don’t believe it is as bad as some in the media believe it to be.

It’s like that old song by Simply Red, “if you don’t know me by now” in that song it is written that if you don’t know me by now, you will never know me. This definitely holds true for Chad as he is always going to be what he is and that is a clown that knows how to get media attention.

Fantasy Football Information for Chad Ochocinco

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I’ve spent a decent amount of time this month skewering through fantasy football draft magazines as I do every year at this time. I’ve seen Chad ranked as high as the top 12 receivers for fantasy football and as low as the mid 20’s.
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In my opinion drafting Chad as anything close to the No.12 receiver this year is a horrible value for fantasy owners in 2009. For a player that is coming of his worst season as a pro you should be getting this receiver as a value at fantasy drafts.

If you have Chad ranked as a top 12 overall receiver this year then in twelve team leagues that means he is someones best receiver. Not that I don’t think Chad is a good player, but I will be more then happy to play any team that actually had Ocho as their top receiver for their fantasy football team.

At the end of the day we all need to see Carson Palmer come back and prove that his arm issues are behind him. If Carson can hold up health wise then Chad should move back into the top 15 receivers for fantasy football drafts in 2010.

This year look for Chad as a second or even third receiver in 10 to 12 team leagues. I would not invest in this rebel at a high price this season.

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