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Fantasy Info: Panthers Receiver Dwayne Jarrett Might Start in 2009

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lets face it at some point in time Mushin Muhammad is going to fade away from the game of football. At age 36 years old, it may be this year or it may be next year. With this talented pro fading into the night someone is going to have to fill his shoes and it’s going to be a receiver that is similar in size, as Steve Smith is the speedy undersized receiver on this team.

When you have a small fast receiver you need a big strong receiver on the other side to balance out your attack in the passing game. This season Dwayne Jarrett is coming into his key third season as a wide receiver in the NFL.

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers

Like Muhammad, Jarrett is big and strong as he stands in at 6’4 and 219. While Dwayne has had a slow first two seasons in his career, his quarterback Jake Delhomme still believes this young receiver has what it takes to succeed in this league.

“If I didn’t have high hopes for him I wouldn’t be hard on him. It was the same way with DeAngelo. I kind of tried to push DeAngelo because you could see it. It was there.’” – Jake Delhomme on Dwayne Jarrett’s ability

This off-season I find it interesting that the Panthers released D.J. Hackett and now have Jarrett as the only receiver on the team that is capable of starting on this team outside of Muhammad and Smith.

This tells me that the Panthers are starting to see Jarrett’s progression as a young receiver (only 22 years old) and believe their 2nd round pick from 2007 is ready to work more heavily in this offense.

Will Jarrett ever be a Fantasy Worthy Receiver?

I will be very interested in watching this kid in the pre-season and as the regular season moves along. While Jarrett is never going to be a game breaker like Steve Smith, he can be a very productive receiver (think T.J. Houshmandzadeh) in this league.

He no doubt has a frame to be a very attractive option inside the red zone for touchdowns and he showed us he can use his frame well in his time at USC with the Trojans.

California Golden Bears v USC Trojans

This is a receiver that I will keep all of you posted on as this year moves along. If I see this kid (or you as well) starting to take over in the passing game, he will make for a nice waiver pick up for fantasy football this season.

Delhomme to Bounce Back

Jake Delhomme is now two years removed from his Tommy John surgery he had in 2007. It takes until the second season to fully recover from this type of surgery. So when I saw Jake crumble in production in the second half of last year and in the playoffs it was not a total surprise.

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers

Look for Delhomme and the passing attack to have a better season this year in Carolina. The passing game will always remain some what limited because the Panthers have the best one, two punch for running backs in the NFL.

Make no mistake about it the Panthers can still have success in the passing game, even with this running attack. In fact in some ways it will make life easier for the passing game as defenses will have to try and stop the run. Then the passing game will open up and you have your self a great chance to succeed in the air.

Fantasy Football Information for Dwayne Jarrett

Right now I wouldn’t even use a late round stash away on this kid. We all need to see more in the pre-season and Muhammad needs to show he is fading in talent on the field. But if we see this transformation I believe Jarrett could have a nice second half of the season.

In the end it is just a matter of time before what I’ve written just above is going to happen. When it does Jarrett will be the receiver that takes over. If Dwayne can take a starting role this year, then he will be a very fantasy football worthy receiver coming into next year and seasons beyond that as well.

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