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Fantasy Information: Edgerrin James is Still Looking For Work

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Edgerrin James has been a very dependable running back in fantasy football (until last year) for the last decade. But this off-season Edgerrin is now out of work as he is no longer with the Arizona Cardinals.

While teams like the Saints and Eagles have been reported to have some interest or need for his services, nothing has really happened yet. It’s times like this in a running backs career that make some wonder if that player has much left in the tank.

A Great Career Goes South

Edge’s career started out with a bang in his first two seasons with the Colts as he compiled 4,442 all purpose yards and 35 touchdowns. For those scoring at home that is 2,221 yards and 17.5 touchdowns a season!

Yes James looked like the next great running back in fantasy football but in 2002 he suffered a torn acl, to his knee. Ever since that injury James has been a very good runner, but never the great runner he was before the injury.

From ’03 to ’07 Edge had no less then 1,159 yards in a season and had only one season under 7 touchdowns. He also showed he could stay healthy as he only missed 4 games in the entire span, 3 of those games were the season after his injury.

In spite of all this success Edgerrin found himself riding the pine most of the 2008 season with the Cardinals. James only started a measly 7 games last season as the Cardinals choose to start rookie Tim Hightower instead.

Opportunity Knocks By Seasons End

For all intents and purposes the Tim Hightower experiment was a failure for the Cardinals. In the final week of the regular season Edge received an opportunity to start once again. James responded with a solid effort going for 100 rushing yards on only 14 carries.

This success gave James his starting job back during the playoffs and he start all 4 games the Cardinals played in. His numbers did not blow anyone away, but he did show he was a stable runner once again.

Struggle to Find Work in the Off-Season

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The Cardinals were fortunate to have Ohio State Buckeye runner Chris “Beanie” Wells, fall in their lap at the end of the first round of the draft. If they did not select Wells, James would probably be a Cardinal at this very moment.

Unfortunately for Edge, Chris was selected and the Cardinals did not look to keep him around.

As mentioned at the begging of this column, their has been information out in the media that the Saints wanted to bring Edge onto the team. But I find that talk to be just that as the Saints already have to good runners in Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas.

A team like the Eagles could make very good sense if Brian Westbrook has trouble coming back from his ankle surgery. I doubt the Eagles want to put all the work load on rookie LeSean McCoy, so to have a vet like James on the team makes sense.

Things have been so slow for James that even his agent Drew Rosenhous even sent out a twitter saying James is in, “great playing shape.”

Fantasy Football Information on Edgerrin James

Obviously James needs to be on a football team before he is worth having in fantasy football. But sooner or later this guy is going to find his way on the football field in 2009. Edge is still a good runner and I believe on the right team (a team with a great offensive line) James could be a nice player for you in the second half of the year.

The Brian Westbrook situation is just one example of a team that would need a guy like James in a hurry should their star go down.

What would happen if in the 3rd week of the season LaDainian Tomlinson went down with a season end injury, do you think the Chargers could run well with just Darren Sproles?

I think not and in an example like that a team would be on the phone to Drew Rosenhous, saying lets get a deal done for Edge very quickly. This shows you that while teams may not be biting on James now, they all know this is a guy that can help their team.


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