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Fantasy Information: Eli Manning Needs to Step it Up

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Reports have been swirling of late that Eli Manning is gunning for a new contract in New York.The football Giants are rumored to potentially make Eli the highest paid quarterback in all of football.

With this information in mind one can only wonder how in the heck a guy like this can be that valuable?

It’s not that Eli has had a bad career as he has 96 touchdowns against 74 interceptions. Let us also not forget Manning did win the Super Bowl just two seasons ago, against the undefeated (at that time) New England Patriots.

While that is all well and good Eli has only a 76.1 career quarterback rating. Only one season (last year) has he had a year over a 77.0 rating (86.4).

Those numbers are very average for a quarterback and certainly are not worthy of being the highest paid player in football.

Brother to Brother

Eli’s brother Peyton Manning has not had a season under a 95.0 rating since 2002.

Peyton has also NEVER had a season in his ten years in the league with less then 26 touchdowns and 3,739 yards passing.

Eli on the other hand has NEVER had a season over 24 passing touchdowns and only one year over 3,350 yards passing.

From the info above it is easy to see that Eli is clearly the least productive quarterback in his family let alone the rest of the NFL.

Eli Needs to Step it Up

If and when Eli signs this hugh deal he will need and be expected to perform at a higher level. Realistically I believe he will have a hard time doing this now that Plaxico Burress is not on the team.

In Burress, Manning had a receiver that he could look to for support when times got tough on the field. A big target like that was very friendly to just throw up the ball and know more often then not, Plaxico would come down with it.

Now Eli is working with a group of young receivers in Steve Smith, Sinorice Moss and first round pick Hakeem Nicks. He won’t even have his other favorite veteran target back in Amani Toomer as he is now a free agent.

NFL: NOV 09 Giants at Eagles
Realistically for Manning to really “step in up” for the Giants, he will have to do it with a better qb rating and strong leadership on and off the field.

For anyone to expect him to come out this season and chuck 3o touchdowns and 4,000 yards is very unrealistic. Reason for this is the Giants are a team that runs first and plays strong defense. They are not at team that will go out and play pass happy football, like the New Orleans Saints.

Fantasy Football Information on Eli Manning

While the Giants receivers are still young and unproven I do believe they have solid skills and should grow this season. That being said I believe right now Eli’s most valuable receiver this season should be USC standout Steve Smith. Purchase Your Giants Eli Manning Jersey Today!

Steve is probably never going to be a standout touchdown maker but he should be a nice possession receiver. I liken his game to that of a young Deion Branch, although he’s not as fast as Branch used to be.

At this point in time Eli is nothing more than a late round backup quarterback in most fantasy formats. Until the Giants receiver show more than just nice upside, Eli will continue to be a low end fantasy quarterback.

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