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Fantasy Information: Jason Campbell is Ready to Lead the Redskins

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Even though the Redskins have played zero games, 2009 has already been very challenging year for Jason Campbell. In March trade rumors where rampant over Campbell being traded to make room to acquire Jay Cutler via trade.

Eventually Cutler was traded to the Bears instead and Jason held onto his starting quarterback position. While a trade for Jay Cutler must have been hard to handle for Jason, recent news is out that Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato is not sure Campbell is the guy to lead them to success.

Can Campbell be a Solid NFL Quarterback?

These hard criticisms come from a management after a season that saw Campbell throw only 13 touchdowns the entire season. Granted this was the first season Jason had to play underneath Jim Zorn’s new offense, so this was to be expected.

The reason I say that is because Zorn runs the west coast offense and in that offense for the first year you can throw a decent amount of yards, but it is hard to convert touchdowns.

Never the less if Jason is going to keep his starting job coming into 2010 he needs to start getting his touchdown total to at least around 20 a season. Beyond just touchdowns Campbell also needs to take the Redskins back to the playoffs.

If he should fail in both of these categories then the Redskins will most differently move to another option after this season.

Reasons to Believe

Washington Redskins Minicamp
While it is true that Jason needs to prove his worth during games on Sunday, I do like what I’ve seen from this young quarterback this off-season. Campbell handled the Cutler trade situation like a real pro (you can’t say that about Cutler) and I’m sure his teammates noticed this professionalism.

Again recently he has been very cool in the press in handling blasts from his GM about his open doubts in regards to Jason’s future in the organization.

On a positive note, reports out of Redskins camp are saying that Jason is becoming more of a leader on the field in practice. If Jason can continue this kind of class and character then you will see other players around him fight harder during game time. Any teammate will work more efficient and harder when the QB is a solid leader and good communicator.

Fantasy Football Information for Jason Campbell

Right now what Jason needs is for Santana Moss to come out and stay healthPurchasse Your Redskins Jason Campbell Jersey Today!y for an entire season. When Moss is healthy Campbell is a better quarterback and should have solid success. If Santana continues to find the injury bug, then Jason will need to rely more on tight end Chris Cooley and Antwaan Randle El.

Campbell is not a quarterback you should draft in your fantasy league this season, but he could make for a good pickup as the year moves along. Before Jason can be a consistent fantasy producer, he will probably need Zorn to start running a pass first offense.

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