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Fantasy Information: Randy Moss Is Still the Best Receiver in Football

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If you don’t know this man by now you’ve probably never watched football in your life, let alone play fantasy football. Randy Moss has been one of the best and most explosive receivers of all time in fantasy and in football it self.

Sure Moss has had attitude problems before going to the Patriots and he has also had a few bad years in his career, but he’s also been fun to watch. Not many have ever been able to flat out dominate the way this man has done for the last decade, in any time in the history of football.

At this point in time Randy has the best career ratio for touchdowns to catch average for a receiver with 500 catches or more in a career. For every 6.24 receptions Randy has had in his career he has had one touchdown. For those of you scoring at home that is a career total of 823 receptions and 135 touchdowns in his hall of fame career.

I say hall of fame career because I believe Randy proved last year that he has risen above his selfish ways and became a leader on the team. He did not sit around an whine all year once Tom Brady went down for the season. Instead he worked with Matt Cassel and the rest of the offense to be a better team overall.

With this display of maturity I truly believe that the NFL voters for the hall of fame have no excesses as to why Moss is not a hall of fame receiver.

It’s Not Over Yet Folks

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While Moss has had a great career so far, he is still going to be one of the best receivers in the league for a few more years.

Sure the Patriots are known for spreading the ball around and getting multiple players involved, but one player will get his for sure and that is Moss. I also believe that Wes Welker should also see over 100 receptions again in 2009 as he is a very valuable receiver in the offense as well.

Tom Brady is back and looks like he is ready to role from week one of the season on. Assuming Brady is capable of being 80% of the player he was before the injury, I see no reason why Moss won’t have 1,300 yards and 15 touchdowns.
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This dynamic duo is just too good for defenses to hold down and Randy should be the most explosive receiver again in fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Information for Randy Moss

A few months ago when I wrote all my fantasy player rankings, I had Randy Moss ranked as the No.2 receiver in fantasy football. Soon I will have to move him into the No. 1 spot over Larry Fitzgerald as Tom Brady is ready to go.

At the end of the day Moss is next to no one as far as ability to dominate a game down the field. I do believe the next great receiver for fantasy football has arrived in Lions Calvin Johnson, but we need to see his team be a little better before he is worth ranking over Moss in fantasy.

Draft Moss with confidence as I believe that Tom Brady is itching to show the world that he is back and ready to make a run for the Super Bowl.

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