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Fantasy Information: Terrell Owens Will Shine for the Buffalo Bills

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It does not matter if you like Terrell Owens or you truly love to hate him, on one can deny he’s been one of the best receiver of his time. It seem almost every starting quarterback that has played with TO from Steve Young to Tony Romo has had success on the field with him.

For more than a decade now fantasy football owners have been able to rank TO’s quarterback in at least the top fifteen quarterbacks at draft time.

This year could be Terrell’s most challenging season ever, as he has more ridding on not only his success, but his ability to be a good boy as well. If Owens can post another 1,100 yards receiving and double digit touchdowns he will go a long way towards getting a three year contract, next off-season.

Challenges in Buffalo

If Owens is to have another great fantasy season this year he needs Trent Edwards to live up to his talent and stay healthy. Trent is now entering his third season in the league and now has a very solid cast of players around him.

Edwards now has two solid running backs in Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, as well as receivers Lee Evans and obviously TO. With these players Trent has no excuses (other then injury) to not perform in 2009.

The one major downer for Edwards is that he lost his pro bowl left tackle Jason Peters (Eagles) via trade in the off-season. If the offensive line has problems in pass protection then Trent could struggle to find his targets and the Bills will fall into last place in the AFC East.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

Lets Go TO

While the loss of Peters could give Edwards problems, he should find the end zone a lot more this season with a scoring stud in TO. Some may see this as possibly the end for Owens but I see it different.

This should be the season that Owens shows us all again why he’s been such a great player on the football field. Of course you will see times when he huffs on the side lines because he wants the pigskin.

One of the reasons the Cowboys supposedly let go of Owens was because Romo made bad decisions trying to force the ball to TO. The reason he forced it (according to Dallas) was because Terrell would wine for the ball all the time.

My feeling on this is that if Romo is going to give into Terrell for “whining” then he’s going to struggle the rest of his career. Point is that every receiver wants the ball and they all tell their QB they were open on every play. It is the quarterbacks job to do what is right in the end and make the smart decisions.

This year I expect Owens to be the driving catalyst for an offense that is primed to be at least a top twelve offense in football.

With Terrell on the team defenses will have to leave Lee Evans out on man to man coverage with their second best corner. Evans should have a field day (especially down the field) with this kind of coverage all season.

Once defenses have to role back and stop the passing game, then you will see the Bills pound out the yards on the ground with Lynch and Jackson. This combo of pass and run should get stronger as the season moves along, as the Bills make a run towards the playoffs in 2009.

Fantasy Information on Terrell Owens

Look to grab Owens as a late No.1 receiver for your team or an early No.2 receiver.Purchase Your Bills Terrell Owens Jersey Today! Most fantasy owners will be gun shy to draft Terrell now that his is in Buffalo with an unproven quarterback. Because of this you should have a great opportunity to get Owens somewhere in the 4th or 5th round of most drafts.

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