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Football Info: Alex Smith Starting Equals Me Throwing Up

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Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote and article on why I believed that Shaun Hill should already be named the start. Until today I never truly believed that the 49ers were seriously considering Alex Smith to start this year.

I’ve thought this entire time that Singletary only had Smith and Hill in a battle for the starting job, because he felt it would push Shaun to play harder.

At the end of the day Mike Singletary is the head coach of the 49ers today because Shaun Hill got it done on the field last year. So for me to think anyone els would start this year just seem ridiculous. But then again that is why the 49ers have been a bad team for most of the last decade.

Now reports are out that the 49ers in management and in the organization are pulling for Alex Smith to win the starting job in San Fransisco.

To be honest with you, hearing this news makes me physically ill as this is a total slap in the face to a guy that has been this teams only winning quarterback since Jeff Garcia.

It’s not what you done lately, It’s what have you done EVER!

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Alex Smith was supposed to be the 49ers next pro bowl quarterback when he was selected as the first overall pick in the 2005 draft. But things have not worked out that way for Alex in the NFL.

In Alex’s defense it’s not all his fault as he has had five different offensive coordinators in all five years of his career. I”m not sure on this but I think that is an NFL record.

Smith has also suffered from a poor receiving core in San Fransisco as well in his time with the team. But at the end of the day a first overall pick is supposed to rise above those things and lead his team.

In 2006 I thought Smith had a decent first year as the full time starter on the team, granted he only had 16 touchdowns and 16 interception, but the team was growing.

The next season Alex only played in seven games and had two touchdowns and four interceptions. Last year he missed the entire season because of injury as well.

In Alex’s time with the 49ers he has missed more games due to injury then he has suited up for the team.

Smith has also never had a season in which he has had more touchdowns that year, then interceptions. This is a very poor resume for a player drafted so high and payed so much.

R E S P E C T find out what it means to me

Shaun is truly the Rodney Dangerfield of his time as he just seems to get no respect with the 49ers organization. All this guy has done in his two seasons with the team is win ball games and play good football.

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Hill has had the same challenges that Smith has had over the last four years in that he has also had a different coordinator (1 year with Vikings, last three with 49ers which includes this year) in every season. But when Hill has been given a chance he has take this team to a winning record and put points on the board.

For past two seasons Hill has had 21 total touchdowns against 9 interceptions.

In Shaun’s 10 games he has started the 49ers are a very respectable 7 and 3 in that time. He has also given us home fans something to cheer about (we haven’t had much the past few seasons) as he is 5-0 as a starter at home in San Fran.

So who is it going to be Shaun or Alex or Someone Else?

Not only does Shaun have to deal with being slapped in the face by Singletary and management as he is not the starter right now and they are openly routing for Smith, but now rumors are floating about that the team should sign Mike Vick.

For my money you can keep Vick on another team as the 49ers don’t need his drama right now. My God, I can’t imagine what Singletary will do for an encore with Vick after what we all saw with Vernon Davis, last season.

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In the end I am very disappointed with the 49ers and the way they have dealt with this situation. Maybe Smith will be a decent quarterback one day but he shouldn’t have the job handed to him, when he has not earned it in the regular season games.

I don’t care how a guy looks in OTA’s and pre-season if the guy he is competing against has gotten it done in the real games.

If Alex is the starter for the team at the beginning of the season, I will be booing my head off week 2, when the 49ers have their opening home game.

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