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Football Info: Vincent Jackson is Ready to Shine for Fantasy Owners

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Vincent Jackson has always had the talent to make fantasy owners, believe he might become a great receiver in time. But until last season, Vincent quietly went about his business and was not much of a factor in fantasy at all.

Then last year the big man for the Chargers broke out, after Chris Chambers, injured his leg in week 5. While it is true that Jackson did not have sparkling numbers in ’09, but he did prove that he can dominate at times.

Jackson went on to post 59 catches for 1,098 yards and an hot 18.6 yards per catch average. He also posted 7 touchdowns as well.

This season Vincent is primed to take over as Philip Rivers No.1 target at receiver on the team. Yes Chambers is still on the team but he is in a contract season and is expected to be gone from the organization next season. Besides Chambers needs to prove he can come back from his injury he sustained in his return to Miami. After that injury he was never the same.
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Not to knock Chris because he is a talented player but in my opinion the Chargers could do without him right now if they had too. Mainly because they have other solid receivers waiting in the wings in Malcom Floyd, Chris Davis and Legedu Naanee.

While all four of these receivers are decent options in the passing game, none of them in my mind stand out like Vincent Jackson and obviously Antonio Gates. Right now these two pass catchers should see the prime looks in the offense from Rivers.

Not to also add that I’m sure both of these players have specific plays in the play book right now with their names on it for balls to go their way.

Vincent is Not Your Average Receiver

Not very often to you see a receiver combined the size (6’5, 230 pounds) and speed together. Because of this rare combo of skills, at times it can seem unfair for a little old corner to match up against this beast.

With the ability to not only play physical at the line of scrimmage, but also beat his coverage deep, there is no way in my mind that this receiver will do anything less then 1,100 yards and 8 touchdowns. Not to also add that he is very good at leaping over defenders for the football. This makes him a very attractive option inside the red zone.

The Draw Backs of Being on the Chargers

Right now the only issue I have with Jackson is oddly enough the team he is on. One would think with a quarterback like Rivers and a team in San Diego, this would be a prime location for any receiver to be in.

In a way it is, but the problem for Vincent is that he still has to deal with Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson for touches in the offense. While Chambers, Floyd and the other receivers are not in his class right now, they will be involved in the offense as well.

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This balance and star power around him will allow Jackson to see more one on one coverage and that is great. But it will probably hold him back from being a true top ten fantasy football receiver.

Until Gates and Tomlinson truly show that they are ready to give up their strong hold (especially in touchdowns) Jackson will be limited to around the numbers I’ve listed above.

Fantasy Football Information on Vincent Jackson

Jackson my not post 18.6 yards per catch again this year, but he should produce another solid fantasy football season. It’s no surprise that Jackson broke out the same season Phillip Rivers busted out as they have matured around the same time.

Right now I would suggest Jackson as a steady No.2 receiver for you 10 to 12 team fantasy football league. If you can squeeze him in as a N0.3 or flex play then you will have him at a tremendous value for 2009.

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