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Fantasy Football Information on Points Per Reception Leagues

Some of you I’m sure that have heard whispers of PPR leagues in fantasy football and wondered what the heck PPR stands for? More importantly what kind of a fantasy football league is PPR and how does it differ from standard scoring fantasy leagues?

Well folks it’s really very simple in most cases as PPR stands for points per reception. Most PPR leagues usually consist of regular standard scoring formats but also have and add bonus of one point for every reception a player has. The points are usually counted for wide receivers, running backs and tight ends.

What this really means is that lets say in a standard league Adrian Peterson had 220 points and Chris Johnson had 210 scored in your fantasy league. If you were to add on a point for every reception those players had then Adrian would have 21 extra points ( he had 21 receptions) and Chris Johnson would of had 43 extra points ( Chris had 43 receptions).

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars

Factor in the extra points for receptions and now Chris Johnson is the more valuable fantasy running back with 253 total fantasy points, as Adrian only would have 241. He’s not a game breaker but man can he catch the ball In a points per reception fantasy football league receivers like Wes Welker of the Patriots, have a much higher fantasy stock. Wes has had more receptions then any player in football over the last two seasons combined. Welker has been the model of consistency as he has posted 112 receptions in 2007 with Tom Brady at quarterback and then 111 receptions last season with Matt Cassel at quarterback. With total receptions being as high as Welkers, it is no surprise that he has had similar yardage totals as well with over 1,150 yards, each of the last two years. In the end anytime a receiver picks up and extra 111 points for receptions for two years in a row, it is no wonder Wes stands in as a top 10 fantasy receiver on our cheat sheet. Love it or Hate it PPR is here to stay I have some friends that can’t stand PPR as they believe it is just to many points to give a player in the end for just the catches they receive. While I do understand that it isn’t fun to see your stud runner as in Adrian Peterson lose value to others just because Chester Tayler comes in to give Peterson third and long plays off, it is a part of the game. Truly great fantasy players can do it all

AFC Wild Card Game: Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers

LaDainian Tomlinson has truly been a stud in every way throughout is great fantasy football career. One piece of the puzzle that LT has always had including last year (52 receptions last year) is the ability to be a top rate receiver.

Heck even in 2003 LT had 100 receptions to go with an outstanding season and that year he didn’t even make the pro bowl!

In the end if you are in a PPR league this year just keep in the back of your mind how many receptions your player gets over the course of the season. Their receptions are not everything to your fantasy football team, but they can make the difference in those close games during the fantasy year.

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