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How Chiefs’ Larry Johnson Got His Grove Back

New Orleans Saints v Kansas City Chiefs

Lets not try and put Larry Johnson’s past two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs in a positive light. The man has not only been a fantasy football bust but also a big disappointment to Chief fans as well. Actuality I’m surprised that LJ is still a Chief by this point in the game.

Much has changed in Kansas this off-season and at this time I actually believe it has been good change for LJ.

From new GM Scott Pioli (from the Patriots organization) to new head coach Todd Haley (Cardinals offensive coordinator last year). This team is in a new direction not only in management but in personal around LJ as well, with new quarterback Matt Cassel.

Not only are their new faces on the team but some of the young faces that have been around are primed for breakout success like tackle Brandon Albert and WR Dwayne Bowe.

San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs

To me Brandon Albert has displayed the kind of effort and discipline that should make him a pro bowl left tackle, if not this season by next season for sure. The Chiefs offensive line has also received up grades in veteran talent as well.

With a revamped offensive line Johnson stands a much better chance to return to respectable fantasy numbers in 2009.

A Change in Attitude

Larry has managed to keep his big mouth shut and it looks like he’s ready to take the diapers off again as well.

This is evidence by LJ coming out this week and telling the press how happy he is to be a Chief and how much he likes the new management. I believe this is more then just talk as Johnson is an emotional player and person and has been consistent over the years in letting you know where he’s stands, for better or worse.

Larry has even come out publicly and announced that his days of being a “club house cancer” are over and that he’s been “shutting his mouth and working his butt off.”

This is good new for Chief fans and good news for fantasy football owners as Larry’s fantasy value is as low as it’s been in years.

Fantasy Football Information on Larry Johnson

Sports - October 14, 2007

This coming week fantasy info will be listing our 2009 busts, sleepers and impact rookies for standard and ppr leagues. As a sneak peak piece of info, we will be placing Larry Johnson in the category of sleeper for 2009.

While it does seem a little weird to have a player that has accomplished so much in fantasy to have him as a sleeper, it just shows you how bad he’s been the last two seasons.

At this point in time I would suggest looking for Larry as a very nice 5th round pick in this years draft. If he has a strong pre-season, his value may move up as he is saying all the right things in camp and his o-line is much better then the last two seasons.

For now LJ is probably one of the last feature runners that will go off fantasy draft boards, because for one the Chiefs have had some bad years and also again because fantasy owners have lost confidence in Johnson to get the job done.

Don’t be one of those fantasy owners that doubt his ability’s to long in your draft. Select this runner and enjoy a productive season in 2009.

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