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Josh Morgan or Michael Crabtree: Who Will be the 49ers No.1 Receiver in ’09

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The San Francisco 49ers have had some very talented wide receivers over the years. From guys like Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, John Taylor and Terrell Owens. While these receivers were all great players for this organization, the 49ers have not had a solid receiver on the team since TO’s departure in the 2004 off-season.

But times have changed and now the 49ers have two talented receivers that have people in the football world quietly turning their heads towards the Bay Area, wondering if in a few seasons they might have something special, yet again.

Last season Josh Morgan burst onto the scene in the pre-season and had many 49ers fans excited about his ability to make things happen down the field and his ability to run after the catch. For a 6th round pick rookie, no one expected this kid to even make the team and yet Morgan ended up being the most exciting young receiver the 49ers have scene since Terrell Owens.

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At this point in time all of us in the Bay Area are interested to see if Morgan can truly deliver on the promising talent we have scene so far. Or will he end up being another Brandon Lloyd receiver that had talent and just couldn’t put it all together.

Drafting Michael Crabtree in the 2009 NFL draft

The Raiders gave the 49ers an early Christmas gift when they past on the ultra talented receiver from Texas Tech in the first round of the draft. Instead of drafting the only two time Fred Biletnikoff (Fred is a Hall of Fame receiver from the Raiders) winner, Oakland choose to go with the often inconsistent Darrious Heyward-Bey from Maryland.

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With this unexpected surprise the 49ers landed star receiver Michael Crabtree with the tenth pick in the first round of the draft.

Crabtree no doubt lasted to the tenth pick because of his foot surgery in March that had organizations wondering if he would have set backs because of the injury.

I found it interesting that while Michael was enjoying all his success with the Red Raiders, he was playing on the injury and it didn’t bother him physically or production wise.

Beyond the foot issue not slowing him down on the field I also believe in the long run it was better that he was pro active and just got the surgery done, instead of continuing to play on it until a later date for surgery.

Contract Issues

Right now the 49ers and Michael Crabtree’s agent are in a battle of the minds over how much Mike should make in his contract. Crabtree’s agent is wanting third pick overall money, as this was the projected spot Mike would have been drafted before the foot surgery.

The 49ers are obviously not going to want to sign him for that price as it would be much higher then the 10th overall pick where they actually selected him at.

This contract spat could last well into August and we all know Crabtree missed all of the OTA’s because of his foot surgery. If Crabtree can’t get on the field soon it may ruin Mike’s fantasy relevance for 2009.

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Not to also add that Mike is a young receiver as he came out of college after just his sophomore season.

I have to believe that if Crabtree is going to be a start on the 49ers this season he is going to have to have his butt in camp the first week of August or fantasy owners might need to pass on him until next year.

Josh Morgan Should Be the No.1 receiver this year

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While I do believe that Crabtree should be the No.1 receiver as soon as the 2010 season, it should be Josh Morgan that holds this title in 2009. Josh has now had a full year in the NFL and has also been active in the 49ers camps all off-season.

This talented receiver is not only a talent down the field but he also has some size
(6’0 and 219 pounds) on him to play physical as well. With the size to handle corners at the line of scrimmage and the speed to break away from defenders, this kid stands in as a very nice sleeper receiver for your fantasy football team.

As far as Crabtree finding the field this year, let us also not forget that the 49ers have well respected (and some day hall of fame) receiver Isaac Bruce also.

While Bruce is a shell of the receiver he once was, he is still a strong leader and has always been a great route runner. At this point in time it would be in the 49ers best interest to let the veteran start and let Crabtree take notes from him on the side lines.

Once Michael actually gets on the field and plays with his quarterbacks and fellow teammates, he could start for the 49ers by mid season or late in the year.

At that time Crabtree would be a nice waiver pickup, if he can show that he doesn’t look lost on the football field.

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Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers

In the end I believe in 2009 some San Francisco fans will be very happy with Josh Morgan’s production and maybe even snubbing their collective noses at Crabtree by seasons end.

At this point in time I just want to remind everyone if Crab looks lost and has trouble this year, no one should hold judgment on this kid until after his third season in the league. I believe Mike will be a great player in the NFL, but it’s going to be hard for him this season.

With the foot injury, to the missing of OTA’s, to the contract issues, he is just set up to fail this season. It is hard enough for a rookie to do well in the NFL, let alone to succeed with all this drama in the off-season as well.

As far as Josh Morgan goes look for him as a very nice sleeper pick at your draft this season. This kid has the tools to light up the score board at times this season and he will come at a very nice price at your fantasy football draft this summer.

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