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July Mock Draft: 12 Team (PPR) Points Per Reception NFL Cheat Sheet

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2009 Points Per Reception (PPR) July Mock Draft NFL 12 Team Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information on Our July Mock Draft: 12 Team (PPR) Points Per Reception NFL Cheat Sheet

In this mock draft both blog talk radio show hosts from the Wait Till Next Year fantasy info radio show took part in a 12 team ppr draft. Sean E. Douglas or “Playa” drafted in the 3rd spot and Chris Douglas “Reddog” drafted in the 7th slot.

To say this was an interesting draft is putting it mildly as this internet draft reminded us of more of the problems a fantasy football owner can run into at an online draft.

With some of these mistakes in mind we thought it was a good opportunity to have a good laugh at our selves and talk about the good and bad from this July points per reception mock draft.

First up will be the Reddog as he shares with you his thoughts on drafting in the 7th pick of the draft. Then the Playa is next inline as he shares with you, why he needs to just draft and put the mic down and draft his picks.

The Reddog Dishout

For our July PPR mock draft my Reddog Team selected 7th out of 12 teams. In this draft my strategy was to take a running back 1st and wide receiver 2nd. But oh how greed got in the way and I had to do some recovery.

First Pick: Texans Running Back Steve Slaton

NFL: Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders Also available were Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams and Brain Westbrook. My reason for drafting Steve Slaton is because he’s the number one on his team and his combo running and catching is equal to Westbrook, who just isn’t heading into this season 100%. 2nd Round: Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs I really didn’t expect Brandon Jacobs to still be on the board, so this messed up my plan to grab a receiver here. Available were Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings and Steve Smith. Boy I gotta work to cover my wide receivers in the 3rd round.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

3rd Round: Bills Wide Receiver Terrell Owens.

Available at that time, Peyton Manning, Roy Williams, and Who’s yourmama. Boy the receivers went faster than I expected going up in the 2nd and back to me in the 3rd. I like TO but he may not have a high catch count in this type of league. But with a receiver like this, if I can snag another good one, I will be good.

4th Round: Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner

Well the other receivers I was counting on were gone. Best were Vincent Jackson, Lance Moore, and Jason Witten at TE. While I’m a little disappointed, I am also happy to get a quarterback like Kurt Warner as he can give you some big days and carry a fantasy football team at times.

Super Bowl XLIII

5th Round: Steelers Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes Yep getting tough to fill in the receivers but Santonio Holmes is a number one on his team ( Hines Ward is washed up) but da gone it Holmes is like TO in that he doesn’t get a lot of catches. Oh well, never liked PPR leagues anyways. 6th Round: Jaguars Wide Receiver Torry Holt Well I needed a 3rd receiver and Torry Holt is a number one, lets hope he’s determined to prove he got some left in the tank and it was just a poor Rams team, that was the cause for last years numbers. 7th Round: Cowboys Running Back Felix Jones Felix Jones is now my third back and I have to use him in my flex starting position. That’s what I get for grabbing a QB in the fourth round versus drafting down. 8th Round Seahawks Tight End John Carlson

NFL: Dec 21 SEAHAWKS v NY Jets

This is one of the things I don’t like about online drafts, I clicked on the wrong TE at this point so will need to cover this later in the mock draft. Overall John Carlson should be good player in Seattle, but I could have done better.

Note: Follow up 12 Rd. Shincoe Visanthe TE, Vikings, gotta love the fact Brett Favre involves his Tight Ends. This was a sweat find as I was scrolling through Fantasy-Info draft board and saw him still available as a number one on a playoff

9th Round: Pittsburgh Steelers Defense

After messing up at TE, I grabbed a high defense. So long as they maintain there sack and turn over ratio, this will provide some consistent points each week.

10th Round: A Kicker?

NFL: OCT 26 Bengals at Texans

Dumb draft tool switched to auto select and took kicker Kris Brown, what a suck’s pick. That should teach me as in the later rounds I drafted Adam Vinateri to make up for this one. Just shows you that kickers don’t need to go in the 10th round, my fault for having my player search on kickers. 11th Round: Jets Running Back Shonn Greene And Beyond Just had to have my rookie running back and Shonn Greene of the Jets fits the bill, who knows he is backing up Thomas Jones so could be starting after week 6. After this I scrapped the on line tool and use the Fantasy Info draft board and found Cowboys receiver Partick Crayton who will be number two and who knows if Roy Williams struggles, this guy may have some success.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

Also picked up 49ers young receiver Josh Morgan in the late rounds. Ok, I will confess, I’m a 49ers fan so this was a little lean toward my home team.

Overall Observations:

From Junes Mock Draft to July the receivers really went quicker than expected so watch how this plays out in your mock drafts. Also do your self a favor and do more mocks as some allow you to select the location you want to draft in. This really helps you gain insights if your lucky to draft early or get a bottom pick.

Anyway, it was just a mock and you never know if everyone involved was showing there true hand or just feeling the waters of what if’s.

Best of luck, but be prepared or you’ll be Waiting for Next Year….Chris –RedDog- Douglas

Playa, Playa Please Don’t Hurt’Em

Way to go Reddog, good job on breaking down your rounds for everyone. For me I won’t be breaking down my draft as it was not the greatest in the world. Instead I thought I would talk about some other parts of online drafting that one needs to watch out for ( I fell for it again) before you draft your for real.

My first fault in the draft was for one this marked the first time I ever drafted on the site that we choose do draft on. Any time you are drafting on a new site for an internet draft, you should pay attention the first time around so you know how that site runs their mocks.

Well I knew I should pay attention but all that went out the window when the team just in front of me drafted Maurice Jones-Drew with the second pick overall. I’m not quite sure what it is ego or just trying to have fun, but I couldn’t help but heckle the guy for drafting MJD so high.


It’s not that MJD is a bad runner, we even have him around the 5th or 6th best fantasy back in football for this year. But when I see a runner that has not proven he can handle a feature role get selected as the 2nd overall pick, I just had to say something. Well little did I know that when I opened my mouth soon I would be taking on the entire mock draft group in debate (outside of Reddog that is). We traded insult for insult back and forth and to be honest I had a lot of fun, but at the same time I didn’t pay attention to my draft enough. Because of this I drafted to late on my receivers and then took Lance Moore as my No.1 when I already had Drew Brees. Some people like the combo but I think you should spread your team out for balance’s sake.

Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers

Then I selected Antonio Gates and I already had Ladainian Tomlinson on my team. I was a little disappointed when I noticed that I had done that as I usually make a point of not doing those things at my drafts.

For all of you that don’t know me I’m kind of like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Movies. You call me a Chicken and I just can’t help but take you on. So naturally when the guys on the chat board kept talking, I talked it right back. It was all in good fun and everything but my draft kept getting worse.

In the latter rounds I ended up some how having my draft set to auto draft and the darn site drafted me Justin Gage and Jamaal Charles.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs

At the end of the day all I can say is to give you three pieces of advice and they are.

1. Remember even McFly had to learn to not challenge everyone because they called him a chicken. If he did he would have crashed his car in the second movie and his entire life would have changed.

With that in mind at least keep your mouth shut on the chat board for the first time or two your on a new site.

2. Make sure you can navigate through your different players on the site well, so that way you can make more informed and sound picks and you don’t get rushed into a player you don’t want.

3. Find out where the stinking auto draft button is so that you don’t accidentally hit is and this finally find it three rounds later after you’ve lost a few picks!

Hope this info as helpful and again we will be doing a radio show on this draft on Friday July 31st at 9:30 west coast time, if you have any questions.

Good Luck in your 2009 fantasy football draft.

Sean E Douglas

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