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Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice are Ready To Rumble

NFL: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys DEC 14

Much has been made of the Dallas Cowboys and their lack of success last season. With Terrell Owens now in Buffalo this team is primed to have one of the best running seasons in the teams history.

That is saying a heck of a lot considering this is a organization that has had some great hall of fame running backs. While I don’t believe any of the Cowboys three runners can hold a candle to Emmitt Smith or Tony Dorsett, I do believe as a group they can be very nasty.

Right now the Cowboys have one of the best quarterbacks (I don’t care what people say Tony is a very good quarterback) and they have one of the best tight ends as well. But with questions looming around Roy Williams and his ability to be a No.1, the Cowboys offense is geared to lean on their talented running game.

Distributing the Rock

At this time I’ve heard rumors that Dallas is considering using Felix Jones in the old Julius Jones role in the back field. I’m not sure that the team will use him over Marion Barber to start, but for my money I hope they do.


No disrespect to Julius but Felix is twice the runner Julius will ever be. He has the kind of explosion that makes defenses play on their heels, not knowing where this guy is going next.

Since watching Marion last year and how he broke down as the year went on, I can’t help but feel that maybe he is at his best coming in the same way he did in 07 and 06. When he was used as the No.2 man he played the role of being the punisher in the offense. At times you might think you were watching Earl Campbell on the field, when Barber would lay the whoop down on a defender or two.

While Marion did a good job as the feature runner in the first half last year, I never saw that same aggressive behavior I saw in the seasons before.

Behind these two highly talented players you have another man that broke out as a rookie in Tashard Choice. This young running back showed us all last season that he is capable of be a good runner, receiver and all around player in this offense.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

While Choice won’t see a lot of the field until Jones or Barber go down, he is a very nice option to keep the running game afloat if they need him.

Setting up the Pass with the Run

Lets face it, Tony Romo and the Cowboys wild passing ways finally caught up to them last season. But this year it would be perfect for the Cowboys to use the running game to help establish the deep ball down the field again.

Roy Williams is nothing of the receiver that Terrell Owens was, but he still has good talent. If the Cowboys can grind teams down on the ground then look for the deep ball to open up and for Romo ( Tony throws a very good deep ball) to find Williams, Patrick Crayton and the other receivers down the field.

No doubt Jason Witten will get his in all this time as he and Romo have great chemistry together. With TO gone someone will need to pick up the slack in the red zone for touchdowns in the passing game and Witten will be the player that capitalizes on this need.

Fantasy Football Information on the Cowboys Running Backs

New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys

Right now Marion Barber is probably a early to mid second round pick in many fantasy football drafts this summer. While he will go over double digit touchdowns, I do believe he will also have a good yardage season as he’s primed for a rebound in Dallas.

Felix Jones is a very interesting pick this season as he is probably a player you should take with your first backup slot on your team. Jones has all the game but we need to see him take on more in the offense (he will) but he also needs to stay healthy.

Because of these two points and that Marion is on the team, look for Jones as a very high upside middle rounds pick.

Right now I wouldn’t draft Tashard Choice at your fantasy football draft. But if he should receive more of a role in the offense (Jones or Barber get hurt) then you will want to find this kid and snag him onto your team off the waiver wire.

All and all I do fully believe the Cowboys are going to have a strong season in 2009. Many people are doubting this team, but I think they will use that as a rallying cry and come out kicking butt.

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