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Vikings Receiver Percy Harvin Impresses Teammates


No doubt Percy Harvin has a lot to learn off the field when it comes to being a pro. While I’m a little un-easy about his out side the lines life style in the end I don’t know that much at all.

Right now I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, that no matter his problems and say that he can get it done on the field for the Vikings this year.

No one can question Harvin’s is a very talented football player. Just go back and watch the national title game against Oklahoma.

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A few days before the 2009 NFL draft, Vikings head coach Brad Childress, personally went down to Florida to get one last look at Harvin. Brad being the military man he is probably wanted to look Percy in the eye and see if he had a strong hand shake. By the end of this meeting, Childress put his stamp of approval on No.12.

Harvins skill set is that of Reggie Bush?

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Harvin was a runner and a receiver in college. He had 660 yards rushing with 10 touchdowns and 640 yards receiving for and 7 touchdowns in 2008.

Brad Childress will need everything he can get, from this talented young athlete, now that the Vikings have found out that Brett Favre is not going to be a Viking. Not only will Favre not be going to the Vikings but the team may lose their big inside defensive tackles at some point this year to a four game suspension.

If the Vikings are to find the playoffs they will need this talented player to help them right away.

Harvin’s fantasy value is a tough one, there has never been a player in my mind that it matters so much, to what your scoring structure is in the fantasy football league you play in.

Reggie Bush is close but because he is listed as a running back, most fantasy football leagues would give credit to his running and receiving. Some fantasy leagues don’t give rushing stats to receivers, because most of them hardly ever run the ball.

Because he is a very good runner and we are in the “wildcat” era, Percy can have success both running and receiving. If you are in a league that gives points for both his running and receiving yards, than you will be getting the most from his value.

Harvin Impresses Teammates This Summer

So far in camp some teammates of Percy have come out and praised his ability to pick up the offense fast and play smart football. This is a very encouraging sign for a receiver that is in his first season in the league.

Harvin takes a direct snap.

While other rookie wide receivers such as Kenny Britt, Michael Crabtree and Darrius Hayward-Bey have all struggled so far in their different ways, Harvin is excelling for his team.

I can’t say out of those four receivers I would have thought coming out of the draft that Harvin would be the one looking strong. Especially after his episodes of “not feeling well” after being drafted.

But out of those four receivers Harvin may also be on the best team to allow him to succeed this season.

Fantasy Football Information for Percy Harvin

While I do believe Harvin will end of being a very fun player to watch on TV, he probably won’t be a great fantasy football player. Again I want to stress that you need to look at your rules of the respective league you are going to play in.

If Harvin gets yardage points for his rushing totals then you should be just fine with him as a receiver. But if he only gets points for receiving yardage (like my dumb private league I’m in) then you will probably only get 60% of the yardage he dishes out in a season.

In the end I believe Harvin makes for a nice role of the dice pick in the latter rounds of your draft.

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