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10 Team Mock Draft NFL Football Fantasy Cheat Sheet

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2009 August 10 Team Mock Draft for Standard Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Information on our August 10 Team Standard League Mock Draft

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

In our June and July standard league mock drafts I wrote about one interesting player from each of the first ten rounds of the draft. This month I thought I would do something a little different and talk about my starting roster from the team I drafted. In this ten team, 16 round August mock draft I had the privilege to draft 4th overall. While I knew I was going to get a stud running back in the first round, I was a little surprised at the way the running depth fell back to me throughout the draft. No doubt I went over board with selecting all rookie runners for back ups on my team but when you get Knowshon Moreno, Chris “Beanie” Wells, LeSean McCoy and Shonn Greene on your team as depth that is not too bad. Anyway I have listed below the actual starters I selected in this mock draft and I will be talking about each one for this article. The Players Club Starting Team QB. Matt Schaub Texans RB. LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers RB. Ronnie Brown Dolphins WR. Greg Jennings Packers WR. T.J. Houshmandzadeh Seahawks TE. Greg Olsen Bears FX. Larry Johnson Chiefs K. Rob Baronas Titans D. Baltimore Ravens Starting Quarterback Matt Schaub For those of you that have read my previous articles on the Texans you know I’m big on this offense for the 2009 season. One of the reasons I like Houston is that at times they can really have a gunslinger mentality in the passing game. NFL: OCT 26 Bengals at Texans

I love a quarterback that has now problems going out and chucking the rock over 50 times a game. In saying that you can also see why I’m a big fan of the Saints and Cardinals passing games as well. Drew Brees and Kurt Warner always seem have no problem just standing back and firing away when they are asked to do so.

Matt Schaub can be the same way and I do believe he will make a run at 4,500 passing yards and 28 touchdowns this season.

Starting Running Back LaDainian Tomlinson

Many in fantasy football land are down on LT because he had a “down year” last season. Well the guy only had over 1,500 all purpose yards, 12 touchdowns, 50 plus receptions and started all 16 games last year.

NFL: DEC 28 Broncos at Chargers

When you also consider that Ladainian is in the most fantasy friendly division for running the football, it’s hard to see LT having a bad campaign this season. Starting Running Back Ronnie Brown Ronnie Brown is in a contract season and is now two years removed from his torn acl in his knee. Factor in that Ricky Williams has reportedly lost a step this off-season and Brown is primed for a career year. Look for Brown to post 1,400 rushing yards and 350 receiving yards on his way to a double digit touchdown season as well. Why doesn’t Brown go higher in drafts this year you ask?

NFL: JAN 04 AFC Wild Card - Ravens at Dolphins

Well we need to see him prove he can handle the load for a full season. Ronnie has not finished and entire year as a feature runner in the pros or in college. With this concern it is reasonable to see why Brown is a 3rd round pick this season.

Starting Wide Receiver Greg Jennings

Calvin Johnson was snagged away just the pick before mine in the second round. But never the less I took Greg Jennings with my second pick and I’m very happy with that decision. Jennings is a young game breaking stud in pro football and will do well again this year.

With Aaron Rodgers now a proven pro bowl caliber quarterback in Green Bay expect another fine year from this explosive wide receiver.

Starting Wide Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh

If you happen to stumble onto finding T.J. Who’s your mama in the 4th or 5th round this season consider that a nice gift from the rest of the league. True you will be getting T.J. How’s your vanilla at a fair price but man is that a good player to have at that point of the draft.

I would not like having T.J. as my No.1 receiver on my team as I feel I would me missing out on a more explosive talent as a top receiver. But to have Housh as my No.2 is a very nice option to have.

Starting Tight End Greg Olsen

Chicago Bears v Houston Texans

Olsen is primed for a big year in Chicago now that Jay Cutler is on the team. When I waited on drafting a tight end until the 9th round I didn’t expect this guy to still be around. This is probably the farthest down I’ve seen this guy in just about every fantasy football mock draft I’ve done. But to see Greg Olsen down this far is not a total surprise as he still has to prove he can produce this season. Starting Flex Play Running Back Larry Johnson Larry Johnson is becoming a favorite runner of mine for the value at which he can be had this season. The Chiefs may not be a great team in 2009 but the running game should be much better.

Falcons vs. Chiefs

With a revamped offensive line and a highly motivated Larry Johnson in the back field, this running game should be good all year. Look for LJ to post a fine comeback season on your fantasy football.

Starting Kicker Rob Bironas

This Titans kicker is on the very top of our fantasy kickers rankings. While kickers can be very up and down from one year to the next in fantasy, Rob Bironas is one of the more steady kickers around.

Tennessee may win 12 games this year or lose 9 but not matter the record, every game they play in is a close contest. When games are close that keeps the kicker involved every week, sl look for Bironas to be a solid consistent kicker yet again in 2009.

Starting Defense the Ravens

One thing people will come to learn about me in my articles and on fantasy info’s radio show on blog talk radio, is that I love the Ravens defense.

My philosophy on defenses is that I believe a fantasy football owner should draft one that they trust. I’m not one of those guys that believes you should wait until the last rounds to get a defense or a kicker.

AFC Wild Card Game: Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

If you think a certain defense or kicker is right for you and you want to take them as mid round pick, then go ahead. I usually wait until a certain round where I’m fine waiting on the talent left on the draft board for another round.

Why not get the players you want, then just drafting some other joe smoe receiver or running back you can have in the next round of the draft.

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