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Auction Draft Cheat Sheet for NFL Fantasy Football

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2009 Fantasy Football Auction Leagues NFL Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Information for our 2009 Auction League Cheat Sheet

NFL: JAN 04 Eagles at Vikings

As we move closer to the beginning of the 2009 fantasy football season I thought I would right an article on our Auction League Cheat Sheet. This season is an interesting one as their a handle full of running backs that had a good season a year ago. Unlike last year when you hand just a few top notch runners that actually preformed well in the ’07 season to auction on, this year you can possibly wait to get a very good runner at a reasonable price. While the auction values for the players we have on our cheat sheet are very reasonable for what you “should” pay for each player, we understand that things can get a little crazy at your auction draft. All of a sudden a player like Adrian Peterson goes off the board because two guys in the league just got to have this player and they bargain all the way up to 70 dollars for one guy. If you find yourself in a league with early bidding like that don’t worry about not having the super stars when they come up early in a draft. As the auction moves along you will be able to have the more balanced team and strong depth because you have the money later to buy a lot of solid players. Even more so the team that spent a bunch of money on guys like Peterson will have exhausted themselves financially in their cap space (usually every team gets around 200 dollars) and won’t be able to compete for good players later on. Below I have some players that are good fits for your team that you can get at a decent price on auction draft day. These players are good for any team weather you over spent early or under spent and are building the stock of your team through your auction draft. Auction Draft Player: Buffalo Bills Quarterback Trent Edwards New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills This year “if” Trent Edwards can stay healthy, he is in line to maybe have his finest season of his career. With star talent receivers in Terrell Owens and Lee Evans, look for Trent to have some very explosive plays down the football field for this team.
Not only does he have talent around him at the skill positions but the offense itself has change as well. This off-season the Bills are almost exclusively working out of a no huddle, up tempo offense as they look to be aggressive through the air.

Edwards won’t be the most exciting player at your auction draft but he will be a good pick and at a nice value.

Auction Draft Player: Ravens Running Back Ray Rice

I’ve been talking about Ray Rice as a nice sleeper pick for this season for the past few months. With the team adding first round tackle stud Michael Oher and center Matt Birk from the Vikings this o-line is primed to blast open holes in the running game.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

This off-season Rice has been working with the first team offense and will continue to as we move closer to the season. The main reason for this is that Willis McGahee’s knee is shot and he had two more operations on it this off-season again. Look for Rice to become the main running back on the Ravens as McGahee’s career fades into the wind. I like Rice as a very nice option to build the depth of your team through the auction. Look for Ray as a very reasonable draft pick in this year auction draft. Auction Draft Player: Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Torry Holt Many will pass on being aggressive for Torry Holt this year in auction drafts and in all fantasy football formats. Right now Torry is coming off of his worst season as a pro in which some are saying that his knee is shot. I believe his bad fortune had much more to do with the Rams as team and as an organization were complete garbage last season. They didn’t have a restocked offensive line (again) and Marc Bulger was repeatedly sacked by five different defenders when he touched the football. Look for Holt to have a much better season as he is on a team that will use him properly as the No.1 receiver on the team. The Jaguars offensive line is much better then what the Rams were working with in the past three seasons and his quarterback David Garrard is mobile (unlike Bulger) and can bye extra time to find Torry with his legs. Look to grab Holt as a very usable player to stock pile your depth at your auction draft this coming fantasy football season.

NFL: DEC 14 Packers at Jaguars

Auction Draft Wrap Up

In the end having a few extra dollars over the rest of your league can pay off when you are rounding out your team at your up coming auction draft. If you an avoid paying to much early you can have these players above as strong depth for your team.

If you spent way to much at the start of your draft you can at least grab a player or two listed above to help round out your starters on your team with the money you have left at the auction draft.

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