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Mock Draft August Auction Draft Fantasy Football

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2009 Mock Draft- August Auction Draft Cheat Sheet for Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Information for our August Auction Mock Draft

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

It never ceases to amaze me that many times in online auction mock drafts you can see some of the early players go so high. In this auction draft I decided to play along in the beginning (my team is team 1) and be like so many that over draft.

While I didn’t go crazy and draft Michael Turner for 69 dollars, I did do more then I would normally choose to spend in a usual draft. If you want to draft one big runner at the top of the auction that’s not to bad. But some teams (maybe it’s just because it’s a mock) like to go out and spend 180 of their 200 dollars on three or four guys early in the draft.

That to me is just suicide and I never see that in an experienced auction draft league. Most fantasy owners understand that it is better to have a well rounded team for the season then to just have a few guys to depend on all year.

Never the less it is not easy to always get a bunch of friends together online (let alone at a house or pizza parlor) just to have an auction mock draft, so this is the best we can do.

Below I have a few observations from what I found interesting at the auction mock draft.

Auction Mock Draft Price 69 Dollars: Michael Turner

You have to love auction drafts because only in a situation like this can you find anyone that has Michael Turner as the highest priced player in the mock draft. To be honest this is the first auction mock draft I’ve done that I’ve seen anyone go higher then Adrian Peterson (65 dollars).

Turner is a very good running back but their is no way in heck he or anyone else should be worth that much money in a 200 dollar cap league. At that much money you are using almost 40% of your teams cash on one player!

Even though I tried to play with the big boys in this draft going over 40 dollars is just to high of a price in my book.

Auction Mock Draft: Getting at least one top ten runner or receiver

I liked team eights strategy during the auction mock draft as they were conservative in the early part of the draft. I was also liking the names I kept seeing that team accumulate during the middle and later parts of the auction as well.

But what I didn’t realize until the end of the draft was that this team didn’t have one true top ten running back or receiver on the team.

It is always good to have a strong team overall as it can carry you through the entirety of a season and through the bye weeks strong. But you still need to have a few impact players that can make the difference in those weeks when you and your opponent are neck and neck in points.

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts

Many times it is the team with the game breaker on the roster that pulls away at the end and winds up the winner. This team will suffer because it does not have any of those type of players outside of quarterback on their team.

Sure it’s nice to have Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner but you can only start one of them in most leagues and what good does it do you to auction for both and only start one?

Auction Mock Draft Price 1 Dollar: Eagles rookie runner LeSean McCoy

I drafted Brian Westbrook early for 29 dollars because I heard today that he is already running and cutting in camp. This is a very good sign for Brian as he is coming off of ankle surgery and was not expected to condition again until September. Seeing that it is August 5th he now has a good amount of time to get his legs in better shape before the season beings in mid September.

However with that being said it is still important for Westbrook owners to have LeSean McCoy on their teams this season as a hand cuff. When I was able to snag McCoy up for only a dollar I was very happy to get this back at such a low price.

Eagles Training Camp

Sure McCoy probably wouldn’t of gone for more then 4 dollars but it is always nice when you have a “need” player for your team and you can get them for a buck.

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