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NFL Strength of Schedule vs Pass Defenses

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Fantasy Football- 2009 NFL Season- Team Strength of Strength vs Pass

2009 NFL Strength of Schedule for teams vs Pass Defenses

Super Bowl XLIII - FANTASTIC FINISH 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 slide by Arizona Cardinals

Check out our other SOS Articles: Strength of Schedule vs Run Strength of Schedule vs Points Given Up Strength of Schedule vs Win/Loss When it comes to strength of schedule I take the schedules against the run, pass and point against much more serious then I take the win/loss schedule. It seems that most talks shows always point out strength of schedule when it comes to the win/lose side of the schedule but never the other areas. In fantasy football it is vitally important to at least give these area’s a look through and see if their are holes in some of these appraisals or if they really hold weight for the season. Listed below I have some points I found interesting when over looking the schedules in terms of against the pass. Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs all have hardest Schedules Against the Pass This is a very interesting season for these teams to be facing such hard schedules against he pass. Phillp Rivers is going to be a starting fantasy quarterback in every fantasy league this season coming up. He did have a nice year a season ago but now will have on paper the second hardest schedule to pass in of any quarterback in fantasy football. No doubt he will get an ease in that schedule because in week 17 the Chargers play one of the best teams against the pass in the Washington Redskins. This will no doubt help but he will still face hard games this season. Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton both had good seasons for themselves when they really weren’t expected to do so last year. Kyle had no receivers and still had fantasy relevance at parts of the year with the Bears. Matt Cassel had a very nice run at the end of the fantasy season wit the Patriots in his first starting gig since high school. These respective players now again have something to prove as they are on new teams with the Broncos and Chiefs this year.


Once again they will have to overcome tough situations as they and Rivers will face teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Titans, Redskins, Eagles and Giants this season. All those teams have been tough on the pass in seasons past.

What is different for the Chiefs and Broncos is that they won’t have the luxury that the Chargers will have in a hard defense in week 17. The Chiefs and Broncos face each other in week 17 and one has to believe that this is only going to make their respective fantasy seasons harder, against the pass, without this key game.

Rams, 49ers, Cardinals and Colts have the top four easiest schedules against the pass

While the Rams and 49ers are listed as No.1 and No.2 respectively it will be the 3rd and 4th teams that fantasy owners need to pay attention too.

Those two teams are the Cardinals and the Colts and that means Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning are going to have good opportunity’s to produce for fantasy owners this season. Outside of the Titans the Colts division is not that great against the pass as the Jaguars and Texans were average a best a season ago.
AFC Wild Card Game: Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers Out of those two teams I find the Colts the most interesting as they now have an offensive minded head coach in Jim Caldwell. This coach spent his first three seasons with the team as Peyton Manning’s quarterback coach and then the past four as the assistant head coach on the team. Tony Dungy came out on national television and even commented at the hall of fame game that he would expect this team to be more aggressive this season on offense. This makes sense as it is like Tony noted, that offensive coaches tend to be more aggressive and defensive coaches (like Dungy) tend to be more conservative.

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks

The Colts should be primed to have a good season for fantasy football owners through the air as they will have one of the harder schedules against the run this season. Look for the team to put the game on Manning’s shoulders and have a good year for your fantasy football team.

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