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Strength of Schedule for NFL Teams for Win/ Loss Record

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2009 NFL Season- Overall Team Strength of Schedules

2009 Strength of Schedule for NFL Team for Win/Loss Record

Super Bowl XLII

Check out our other SOS Articles: Strength of Schedule vs Run Strength of Schedule vs Pass Strength of Schedule vs Points Given Up I usually don’t place much stock into a teams strength of schedule when it comes to the win/loss percentage of the teams they face. Most of all strength of schedule is heavily based on how good of a season the teams in your division had. To me it is more important to pay attention to the teams strength of schedule against the run, pass and point against. Going further then that fantasy football owners need to pay attention to the schedule for each team and see what team they face in week 17. If your in a league that doesn’t play that week it would mean a team has an easier schedule or a harder one because of missing that game. Most talk show people would never make a point of not including that week just because they are not looking at the schedule from a fantasy football perspective. With all that being said I have taken the time to write down a few interesting things I noticed from the win/losses perspective of strength of schedule. Listed below are some notables that I have on different teams and why those teams are going to either struggle or succeed in 2009. Surprise, Surprise the Vikings, Packers and Bears have the easiest schedules This one is not that surprising when you consider that they are in a division that has a team that didn’t win a game for the year in the Lions. Any time you get to face two games in your schedule that has a team that went 0-16 your going to have a easier schedule then the rest. One thing that fantasy owners need to keep in mind is that while the Bears do have the easiest schedule in football, they play one of their games against the Lions in week 17. Many fantasy football leagues don’t play the last week of the season because so many team rest their stars players for the playoffs. With the Bears only facing the Lions one time on the fantasy schedule this will make their schedule in fantasy a little harder then it actually is. The Vikings and Packers however will get to face the lonely Lions twice in fantasy football and this will keep stars like Adrian Peterson in line for fine seasons this up coming year. The Dolphins have the Hardest Schedule for Football This is a little concerning as this team does have the hardest win/loss record to face in football and they have the hardest schedule in points against. One positive for this team is that they to get to play the hardest team on their fantasy schedule in week 17.

Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers - September 7, 2006

That week they face the Steelers and this situation is a complete reverse of what the Bears will get as this will help their schedule be a bit easier with this news.

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