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49ers vs Broncos: Kyle Orton Picked Three Times! | Player Rankings

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Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers

This was going to be an interesting game from the get go as the Broncos would finally take the field without their former pro bowl quarterback Jay Cutler. This game was an important one for new quarterback Kyle Orton because of all the drama in Denver. Kyle Orton Looks Bad At least for the Broncos this game was played in San Francisco and they didn’t suffer the embarrassment of Orton being booed at home (yet). But tonight the 49ers defense picked Orton off three times in the first half and they didn’t even have that strong of a pass rush against Kyle.

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers

If the Broncos are to have a good season this year at least they got good news before the game as Brandon Marshall (didn’t play tonight) was found not guilty in his trial. This means he won’t face the hefty suspension that was expected should he be found guilty in court.

Orton can’t do this again or the Denver fans that are ticked about whats gone on this offseason will start to call for his head as Chris Sims didn’t play that bad in the second half of the game.

Alex Smith working his way back

I’ve been very critical of Alex Smith this offseason and for all intents and purposes it was mainly directed at the coaching staff. The team would make Shaun Hill the outright starter and I felt that he had earned that right.

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers With that being said Alex was the better quarterback tonight as he lead the team down for a touchdown and threw it in. Seeing Smith out on the field again I’m reminded that he is a player that can bye some time with his legs and move around some. Shaun Hill was not impressive in the starting role tonight as he needs to know when to throw the ball away. One time he took a sack and he was outside the hash marks and seemed to not feel the pass rush that was coming from a mile away. Glen Coffee and Vernon Davis Impress Frank Gore did not play in the game as the 49ers look to minimize the touches he will take in preseason. While his back up in rookie Glen Coffee does not look like a game breaking type running back he did do a good job tonight in the starting role. I like the way he puts two hands on the football as he runs in the middle of the field.

Preseason football San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos

Watching him run that way reminded me the the former 49ers running back Roger Craig. He doesn’t have the moves Craig did but he does put two arms around that football.

Tight end Vernon Davis looked good tonight as he did a nice job of running with the ball after the catch. Look for Davis to be highly involved in this offense in 2009 as you can get him cheep at your fantasy draft this season.

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers

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